Wednesday, April 30, 2008

saturday nights and provo lights

this past saturday night james and i got to go on a mini vacation with the palmer clan to provo! you may think i'm joking, but it really did feel like a vacation. we spent the first couple hours watching glen (patricia's "friend") kick everyone's trash at bowling. and then we all ate at a cute little resaurant called Little Italy... and i have to say, i really felt like i was having my first italian experience.

here's the clan in front of Little Italy.

(L-R): me, james (holding amanda & ryan's baby, allie), glen, patricia, amanda, ryan, rachelle and phil

james and i have so few pictures of us together that i had to throw this in... though we both look a little dzed and confused. that's what happens when you get schooled at bowling.

these two pictures are of patricia and glen. they make everything a bit more exciting.
and here is phil with his "non-girlfriend" rachelle...

this picture is just funny because i asked james and his mom to stand in front of the lanes so i could take a picture. cute james is trying so hard to please me and patricia is... a little camera shy... i get a kick out of her.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

bubbles and bunnies

easter came a bit earlier this year than my biological clock was ready for.... hence the easter posting now - as opposed to a week and a half ago when it actually happened. its just so seldom that i have actual pictures of james and i and our family! with the disfunctioning-ness of our camera, i've had to settle with illustrations found on google (how did i live before google?). but i was able to get some pictures from my more organized sister so that i can show the world what a "keyser family" easter is really like. (i still need to get pictures from the "palmer family" easter events - stay tuned)

grandy (my mom) started the festivities off with a fun easter game for the grandkids which, of course, included a story time about the true meaning of easter.

then we all went over to the park where the kids went on an easter egg hunt! (james and i got to help hide the eggs)

the adults just mingled...

and blew bubbles (we hid a few extra bubbles for ourselves)

this was a bigger accomplishment than you would think.

thanks to everyone (especially grandy) for such a great easter!