Thursday, December 11, 2008

new hair!

ok, i have to post a picture of my new hair so that my family recognizes me when we come out to utah for christmas. i also need to explain that i didn't know it was going to end up this dark!
at all!
my hair stylist neighbor did it at her house so there was no mirror! the poor girl about cried when she finally held the mirror up in front of me and i was absolutely speechless. but i have to say its growing on me. i love the cut! and the color... well, i'm a blond at heart but its fun seeing the world from a brunette point of view.

me as a blond (with nasty dishwater color roots) and me as a brunette!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

oh what fun!

i can't believe that thanksgiving is already over and the christmas season is here! time has been wizzing by for us so i apologize for my lateness in posting these thanksgiving pics. especially because there are SO many of them. but i just can't leave any of the memories out! a few days before thanksgiving was the big university of utah vs byu game. we had a big game watching party at the kearn's house where james and i (and scott of course) were the only true U fans. we don't want to rub it in any of their faces... but we're secretly happy that the U kicked BYU's trash. the night before thanksgiving was an event as well. the boys took the kids so that us girls could go out and see TWILIGHT!! my synopsis is that there were multiple laugh-out-loud lame parts when you literally look at the girl next to you and say, "are you kidding me?" but i'll totally buy it when it shows up on the $5 shelf at walmart.
L-R: leiloni, christia, jamie, me, shalise, ashley, rachel

thanksgiving day was very low-key. but we loved it. we had a tasty meal that james' school put on. there were no yams and no corn but it was completely free and i had to do absolutely zero cooking and zero dishes so it was totally worth it! besides, most of our friends were there anyway, so we had a really great time.

here is james dishing up food with some of our friends. they even gave us containers to take leftovers home! don't worry, we didn't really feed scott stuffing. we just faked him out for a cute picture but we all felt really bad when he so naively fell for it.
thanksgiving was so quiet that we even had time to decorate our house for christmas! we put up our tree

and the nativity scene.
and that's about all we have room for in our tiny cozy apartment.
apparently james and i got a little drunk on cranberry sauce because we decided to stay up late with our young and hip friends and go shopping at midnight! scott slept the whole time but it took james and me a good three days to recuperate from the late night. we're just not as young and spry as we used to be.

here's a picture of james and devin inside the mall. there were so many people there!

the next night we went to the festival of trees with the cooks, the kearns and the palizzi's (who are not pictured here) and naturally i bragged to all of our friends that i used to perform at the festival of trees for singers unlimited! i'm sure they were all secretly impressed. (james and i are dressed up in this picture because we had just come from a baptism. there were TWO baptisms in our ward over the past week!)
the rest of the weekend was just nice and relaxing.
scott loved having his daddy around so much.
they played and played.
scott seriously sat in this position on james for like five minutes. it was so cute.

and by the end of the weekend poor little scotty boy was so tuckered out that he fell asleep on the floor while playing with his toys. he has NEVER done that before. it was so funny.

needless to say, it was a fabulous thanksgiving and we can't wait to post pictures of our next holiday in utah! yeah!!