Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jumping into 2012

This year started out on a great foot with my good friend Erica Zulnay's baptism.  The elders knocked on her door back in November and I have loved watching her grow in the gospel.  She has become such a good friend and I'm so proud of her! (Erica with Elders Dransfield and Parkinson)
This is Erica's son, Michael.  He and Scott are good little buddies.
This was our January trip to see the Jones's in Columbus.  We went down there when James was in Arizona doing his residency interviews so now Scott associates the word Arizona with Brody.  He's in for the saddest shock of his life in two months. :(
Here are sara and macie.  Sara's finally old enough to start playing with Macie.  I love it!
And of course the boys.  The. Boys.
For a few weeks in January and February we signed scott up for a basketball team and James was the coach.   Here is some live footage:

and here are the kids just chillin' on the couch.  (don't ask me why sara is fully coated up and scott is shirtless.)
I was subbing for a primary class one day when the choister asked me if i by chance had a camera to take a picture of the kids for an activity.  i was happy that i did because now i have this treasure.  (scott's sunbeam friends: mitchell jones, ?, william o'neil, scott, paige bielozer and natalie critchlow)
one special night in february we watched some kids in the ward.  here are the four o'neil boys, scott and mitchell jones all making valentine necklaces for their moms.  it was a blast. :)
scott showing off his "new" cars pajamas.  His friend tyler weston (who sadly moved to alaska) gave scott a bunch of his old clothes before he left.  this one was much too small but (of course) scott's most prized possession.  it's a one piece cars pajama outfit and scott wore it so much that he wripped holes in the toes. 
and here's sara sporting the jean skirt and leggings.  i wish i could pull them off as well as her.
james had a day off so we took the kids to the rain forest at the zoo.  it was such a fun day that we felt like we were on vacation. 
we even have the family photo to prove it. 
two fo them actually...
on valentine's day weekend james let me go out for some "girl time" with a few of my friends in the ward.  when i came home he and kids had set up these flowers (my favorite...lillies!) with dove chocolates surrounding them in the shape of a heart.  it made me feel so special.  thank you james!!
scott and i have been working lately on another project.  we both had been eyeing a bird house at a nearby store and so i finally gave in and bought it.  we painted it one morning while sara was asleep, bought some bird seed at walmart, filled it up another morning while sara was asleep and hung it up on a tree outside yet another morning when sara was asleep.  so far we've never seen a bird eat out of it (apparently the birds in our area are a little too ritzy for walmart brand bird seed) but we keep watching out the window just in case.
another project that we've done (while sara was asleep) was work on scott's valentine box for preschool.  i was especially excited for this because that was the most exciting time of the year for me when i was little.   he scott is with all the valentine's day paraphanelia.
and here he is with his very special valentine's day box. 
he chose the colors... blue and green (his favorite.)