Sunday, February 26, 2012

is christmas here?

I gave this post the title that i did because that's the question i hear a lot these days from our little scott man.  he was so sad when we took down the tree and the decorations and he frequently asks me if christmas is here again.  i think it crushes his soul a little when i explain that it will be here soon... in 300 days. 

since james had been traveling a lot for residency interviews we opted to stay in cleveland for christmas this year. it was sad to not see all of our family in utah but i L.O.V.E.D. not traveling over the holidays.

me and the kids.  still can't believe i have two.
me and the girls.  mom and my sister kim came out to visit for a few days before christmas.  here we are in our matching pajama pants.  small things like that make christmas magical.
mom took us out to cheesecake factory one night.  love that cheesecake!!
and here we are... matching again.  apparently we have the same preferences in clothing.
we had a mini "christmas morning" with grandy and aunt kimi before they left on christmas eve.  these are the "awesome trucks" that scott wanted very badly for christmas. 
and of course sara was spoiled with cute clothes.  my mom got her this outfit in the picture and her other grandma palmer sent out the most beautiful christmas dress i've ever seen.  seriously.  thank you so much grandma and grandy! 
and of course it wouldn't be christmas without making and frosting honey cookies.  they were perfect! (and apparently scott doesn't wear clothes.)

here's our little princess sara in front of the christmas tree.  she reminds me of the dolls my mom used to give me for christmas when i was little.
here's my little family on christmas morning.  it was a quiet day and we definitely missed being in utah with all the fun festivities.  but it was also nice to spend time with just the four of us. 
these pics are out of order, but this is a picture of us at our ward christmas party.  i loved it this year because the gym was decorated like bethlahem and we all had to wear clothing of that time.  they gave us food of the time and then some of the kids (and james) participated in the nativity.  it was a really nice, spiritual experience.
my good friend, erica zolnay, with her mom and son michael.  erica recently got baptized.  i love this girl!
gingerbread house making party with the westons and joslyn patee.  mine is the amazing looking one in the middle (sorry girls. :) )
and our boys scott and tyler weston.  the westons recently moved to alaska and cleveland doesn't feel the same without him.  scott still talks like tyler is going to come over any day and it breaks my heart every time.  just today he said, "Is Tyler home from his misson yet?" 
On christmas eve night we went to said weston's house for dinner.  our kids did the nativity which might be the very first nativity ever with a spiderman shepherd. 
again, these pics are out of order but i loved these ones of my mom reading to scott.
scott loved having his grandy here for tchristmas and so did i!

we really had a nearly perfect christmas. i wish we could have had all our family around us but for being so far away it was really a wonderful time.  thank you to everyone for the fabulous gifts and cards and love.  we can't wait for next christmas (in 300 days and counting...)