Thursday, February 26, 2009

then & now

today is scotty boys nine month birthday! i am so happy that i got to play with him all day rather than give birth to him all day like i did nine months ago. as miraculous as that day was i MUCH prefer this side of things!

since scott is getting so old and mature i decided to give him his first haircut. i thought this photo did a good job of showing how cute he is with his new do. i almost posted some past photos of his mullet but i didn't want to be mean to the poor kid. (besides, i think his mullet would reflect our poor parenting styles above anything else.) as you can see he is happy to be free of that gross neck hair.
there has been one big damper to scott's nine month birthday however...
we took him to urgent care last night because he was so very sick. the doctors found that he has an ear infection. luckily he's on medication now but he still had a few of these sad moments today.

on a happier note- i never got a chance to post pics from the big winter gala we had last weekend with james' school. i have to say, i was impressed with how nice and FUN the whole event actually was. it felt more like prom to me than my own prom (okay, so maybe that's because i didn't go to my senior prom...) but still, it was a lot of fun!
here we are having the traditional group photo with some of our closest friends.
(L-R) jason & emily crofts, james & me, kelly & andy mueting, luke & ashley webb, shalise & devin kearns, doug & rachael cook, and tyler & jamie hansen

and here's a fun little picture of james and i all decked out for the event. and it has to be said that james and i danced together for the first time this night (aside from the many country dancing moments that go on in our kitchen... more regularly than either one of us cares to admit).
and for the record i MUCH preferred going to this prom with my cute and amazing husband than my senior prom with some random seventeen year old wearing way too much cologne. i loved that we could go pick up our son together when it was all done and then go home together and say goodnight to each other as we fell asleep next to each other in the same bed. this could partially be attributed to the fact that i had a serious phobia of doorstep scenes when i was in high school, but nevertheless, if i had to sit at home alone on that senior prom night so many years ago in order to deserve this night with james... it was completely worth it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

remembering dad

last week my brother mike flew me out to utah to hang out with my mom and the rest of my family. february 12th was the one year anniversary of my dad passing away so it was nice to be able to spend so much time with all the people i love (except so sadly james - who couldn't come because of school). despite missing james so much, scott and i had so much fun hanging out with grandy.

i even got a chance to hang out with my other family - the palmers! scott and i got to visit grandma palmer at her work and see her office and all the people she works with!

then amanda came and we all went to walmart to shop for food. scott and allie loved sharing a shopping cart.

busy phil even made time to see us. i thought this was a really cute picture of him with scott and allie.

then scott and allie got in the bath! they were so stinking cute, especially when they faught over the bath soap dispensers.

here's a cute pic of scott playing with his grandma palmer. we all had so much fun together just hanging out talking, eating and watching the Biggest Loser!

back up in draper, mom and i did lots of fun stuff together. we didn't get as many pictures because a lot of our time together was just relaxing and talking. but one fun thing we did was go through the draper temple openhouse. i loved this picture of scott and grandy on the shuttle ride up to the temple.

on thursday mom and us girls went to the jordan river temple and out to lunch. it was so fun to hang out with the girls. unfortunately i got sick after this and then scott got sick too! but to tell you the truth it was kind of nice being with my mom who took such good care of us while we were ill. :)

and last but not least - here is a picture of me with my mom and dad on my graduation day. i have been so blessed to have such amazing parents. I can't believe that it has already been a year since my dad had his graduation day. but i'm thankful that i'm finally starting to get to the point where i can think about him and the eternities and feel less pain and sorrow and more amazement, gratitude and excitement to see him again some day.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

slippin' and a slidin'

okay, i have to apologize for starting this post off with a picture of my backside (and yes, that is a white SHIRT under my pink shirt) but i just had to show off the talents of our little boy. as you can see in this home video, scott will sit at the top of the slide and when i reach my hands toward him he reaches back and scoots his bum along until he slides down the slide... all by himself!! he's done it many times and he LOVES it! just watch -

it was so warm today (about 40 degress! woo hoo!) and we played outside as much as possible. scott is now big enough to sit in his stroller without his carseat and i'm about to shed a couple tears at how fast he is growing up. just look at him with his little boat shoes... aren't they the cutest? (until he kicked one of them off on our walk with our friend ann jones and we had to retrace all of our steps to find it!)

and this is a typical image of scott on a not-so-warm day. he loves to play with his basket of toys. i thought he looked angelic in this picture.

and of course i had to add another picture of scott playing with his dad. they are seriously so cute together.