Thursday, October 22, 2009

lovely autumn

things are starting to get a bit frigid here in iowa so scott and i have made sure to get out on some field trips together before everything freezes over. on monday we headed up to saylorville lake to go sight seeing and walking.

scotty loved tromping around in the leaves.

this is one of my favorite little shots of him. sometimes when he wakes up from his nap he is so sad that he just can't let go of his cuddly blanket for at least a couple hours. so here he is in the leaves with his comfort item.
after a good hour or two of driving scott and i finally figured out how to get down to the water. scott was in heaven.looks like all those times of watching me do 'yoga on the beach' tapes really paid off.
i have to take a moment out to say that while its mom that does all the planning and the execution of the planning... none of it could be done if scott wasn't such a stellar little back-seat-driver.
next. on tuesday we went to howell's pumpkin patch! we love this place because not only does it have all sorts of fun stuff for us to do, but the drive out there is beautiful.
here's our little man in front of a whole lot of pumpkins.

this was so funny to me because scott just wanted to play with this little "goat food" machine but all the goats thought he was going to feed them so they were up against the fence paying oodles of attention to scott without him even knowing why.

i really was worried at one point that this big ugly one was going to eat him.

i tried getting scott to feed the goats, but he was a little intimidated. rightfully so.

it took a while for scott and i to get the timing right on the tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch. but we finally made it.

this is the pumpkin we picked. perfect right?
and here's another shot that i loved. its so classic of scott. standing in the middle of a field of pumpkins and all he wants to do is get that darn hat off.

i loved sitting next to scott on the ride back to the farm and seeing him holding tight to his pumpkin. it was a prized possession.

and here we are. the two amigos. while the third amigo is studying his brains out at school.
thanks dad.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

finger paints, plumber butts, and WWF (need i say more?)

scotty and i had our first finger painting activity together. it didn't turn out exactly like i fantasized that it would. i wanted to make cute hand prints to send to the grandmas (sorry grandmas that's just not going to happen yet) but scott wouldn't have it.

we did have fun though...and naturally, it got ALL over the place!
even i joined in the fun. (apparently i didn't get my fill of finger paints when i was a kid)
as always, here's the boy in action...
here's the sad part of the past week. scott has had all sorts of the poopy "d" word. we are waiting on lab results of his stools (that i personally had to scoop... not the most glamorous part about being a mom) but in the mean time scott has been having some sad little diaper rashes. so he gets in the bath A LOT. (doesn't he look sad?)

so the other day while i was getting ready in the other room, scott was thoroughly engaged in a project. i walked into his bathroom to find all of this stuff in the bath tub. i think he was trying to make sure he never had to get in the bath tub again!

another "so cute" thing about scott lately is that he's starting to wear all of his new autumn clothes! the unfortunate part about it is that i wanted to buy them all big so they would last a while. which means they currently drown him. i loved this shot of him with his sagging jeans. and yes, if you look closely he does have a bit of a plumber butt going on.

and with today being conference we invited anne and brody over (since anne's husband b.j. is out of town) to watch conference. happily we caught on film scott and brody's version of WWF. (especially the last 15 seconds of the video... it is laugh out loud funny, i swear) these two wrestling is probably my favorite thing to watch, ever. (besides conference, of course.)

Friday, October 2, 2009

catch up!

ok, so there are so many new and fun things happening in the palmer family and i'm so excited to post the new and exciting pictures and videos but i can't NOT post the old and exciting stuff that was unpostable when my camera-to-computer function wasn't working! so here's a quick recap of the past couple weeks before i move on...

i had to post a photo of james' most recent haircut. the lighting is bad making it look uneven... but it really is PERFECTLY even. you may even notice that THE BALD SPOT IS GONE! we're so happy for you james!
i also cut scott's hair. he looks so handsome.

lately scott has decided that he loves steering wheels. luckily we have a lot of neighbors who leave their toys out. this is one of scott's favorites.
the next couple pictures were taken at THE INCREDIBLE PIZZA COMPANY!!! its physically impossible to say the name of this place without shouting it. its an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet with a whole arcade/bumper cars/mini golf area. scott loved and i mean LOVED running around looking at everything. thought it was sort of sad when he would try to push little kids out of the way of the game they were playing so he could play it instead.
i love that as soon as i took this picture scott decided to try climbing up on the skeeball machine.
and here we are at my favorite game... deal or no deal. i kick butt at this game.

and here's a memorable shot of scott just before his first surgery. scott got tubes in his ears a couple weeks ago and he was such a good little boy getting up all early in the morning and waiting around the surgery center in his little p.j.'s. my favorite part was when the doctor came in to meet us before the surgery. scott got up, grabbed hold of the doctor's finger and led him out of the waiting room. the poor kid has had so many ear infections - he was ready for them to be gone!

one fun thing that scott and i look forward to every week are our wednesday friends! my friend shayla and her two boys ethan & isaac come over every wednesday to play and eat lunch. this is another toy car that is always left out for them to play with.
here's a cute video of ethan pushing scott and isaac around.

and here are a couple video's of scott's latest moves.