Sunday, October 4, 2009

finger paints, plumber butts, and WWF (need i say more?)

scotty and i had our first finger painting activity together. it didn't turn out exactly like i fantasized that it would. i wanted to make cute hand prints to send to the grandmas (sorry grandmas that's just not going to happen yet) but scott wouldn't have it.

we did have fun though...and naturally, it got ALL over the place!
even i joined in the fun. (apparently i didn't get my fill of finger paints when i was a kid)
as always, here's the boy in action...
here's the sad part of the past week. scott has had all sorts of the poopy "d" word. we are waiting on lab results of his stools (that i personally had to scoop... not the most glamorous part about being a mom) but in the mean time scott has been having some sad little diaper rashes. so he gets in the bath A LOT. (doesn't he look sad?)

so the other day while i was getting ready in the other room, scott was thoroughly engaged in a project. i walked into his bathroom to find all of this stuff in the bath tub. i think he was trying to make sure he never had to get in the bath tub again!

another "so cute" thing about scott lately is that he's starting to wear all of his new autumn clothes! the unfortunate part about it is that i wanted to buy them all big so they would last a while. which means they currently drown him. i loved this shot of him with his sagging jeans. and yes, if you look closely he does have a bit of a plumber butt going on.

and with today being conference we invited anne and brody over (since anne's husband b.j. is out of town) to watch conference. happily we caught on film scott and brody's version of WWF. (especially the last 15 seconds of the video... it is laugh out loud funny, i swear) these two wrestling is probably my favorite thing to watch, ever. (besides conference, of course.)


Elise said...

Those boys are hilarious together! Such a cute video. I love bringing out the fall clothes too. I hope Scotty's bum bum feels better soon!

Mimi said...

So cute! I think Brett would really love him now. And watching his expressions - especially the eyes - I think Brettster and he definitely look related.

Ryan & Amanda said...

Oh poor little guy, I hope everything gets better soon so he doesn't have to have as many baths! He's so stinkin cute!

KB Morgan Fam said...

Man o man! He's a physical little guy! He and Josh should have a blast this December! We better do stuff at my house -- they'll trash mom's place!