Monday, October 27, 2008

today is scott's five month birthday!!!

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suzan g. komen race for the cure

this past saturday my friend jamie and i decided we were going to race for the cure for breast cancer. though it has to be said that we raced from booth to booth getting free food and stuff more than we raced on the road... but i like to use the excuse that jamie is pregnant so we couldn't overdo it. :)today i dressed scotty up in his iowa outfit to give special honor to iowa as it freezes over. james happened to throw on his university of utah paraphernalia when he got home from school so i thought it would be fun to take a picture. it ended up even cuter than i had hoped.
and here's our little palmer family.

growth chart

here's a picture of scott back in august and one of him just a couple days ago. you can see how much he's grown by looking at him compared to the warning tag to the left of his head as well as noticing how far his feet now stretch beyond the black and orange button at the bottom of the carseat. (wow talk about a run-on sentence) he is getting to be such a big and STRONG little boy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

howell's pumkin patch!!!

yesterday scotty boy and i went to the howell's pumkin patch in maddison county with our friends jamie and kaleb bingham.
this is us all on the tractor ride. it took us on about a 1/2 mile ride to and from the pumkin patch. when we first got there we walked through the corn maze. about ten minutes into it we decided to turn around. because the corn stocks really just looked the same all the way through.
then the boys got to play in the wheel barrow while we picked pumpkins.
scotty loved riding his very own mini tractor.

but he had to ride with mom on the BIG tractor!
we even got to swing in a tractor tire!
and i got to have some fun on my own while scott slept...

we also went to a covered bridge. maybe some of you have heard of the move "bridges of maddison county". well this is one of the bridges of maddison county! we're so famous here in iowa!
it was just an all around great autumn day!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

it's not cheap!

...these are the words i hear constantly from james whenever i celebrate the low gas prices. he likes to emphasize to me that while the gas here in iowa is LESS EXPENSIVE, we can not let ourselves believe that it is CHEAP because that means that "they've won."
but i was still so excited that it only cost us $35 to fill up our gas tank tonight that i had to document the event!
so here i am pointing out the very LESS EXPENSIVE gas price at our local gas station - the kum & go. (james was a good sport to take my picture in front of the busy street of cars. he must have known when he married me that i came with a few embarrassing moments. :))
and here is cute james pumping our car full of "still not cheap" gasoline.
another fun part of our weekend was a two-day monopoly tournament with our friends jessica and andrew. but they're babysitter could only stay so long , so we ended up wrapping it up before there was an official winner. though i have to say that i was on the path to victory.

and yet again, there are no words to explain this picture accept ridiculously loveable.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

smiles are contagious...

it's true. i've decided that it is not really possible to look at this cute smiley little boy without smiling myself. just try it...

doesn't this last one just show you how long he is getting?? he's huge!
we're buying him "12 months" clothes these days! and i just bought him 6-12 month socks... and the little heel of the sock doesn't fit over his heel! looks like the kid was blessed with BOTH of his parents HUGE feet! but as my mom always says: the brains are in the feet!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

grandy came to visit!!

we just dropped my mom (grandy) off at the airport and it was so sad to say goodbye. she came to visit us here in iowa for the past few days and we had such a fun time! scott was thrilled to have her around to play with. and james and i loved visiting with her. it was amazing to have grandy time with no work, school, phone calls, newsletter writing, program making... to get in the way!!
it was a really relaxed and nice time for all of us (well, james was studying most the time) but the rest of us were on vacation. naturally, scott and i took grandy to our local beach. okay, so its just a tiny fishing lake, but it has sand and water so its a beach!
mom took me shopping and got me this new dress and soes and the jewlrey i
m wearing! she got me something else too, but tjat's our little secret.

grandy slept on an air mattress in our family room (what a trooper!) and scotty loved snuggling with her in the morning.
and of course bath time is one of scott and grandy's favorite activities together. grandy has a way of taking bathtime to a new and exciting level.
and last, but not least, a very glamerous picture of mom and i in our pajamas while making pancakes!
thanks for coming grandy! we hope you come back soon!

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Friday, October 3, 2008

scotty's first photo shoot

we just got pictures back from scott's first official photography session. he was an absolute doll and performed much better for the jc penny employee than he does for me when i try to take his picture.
this is one of my favorite. just so cuddly and innocent.

here's another close-up with a bit of a smile.
this was my favorite as far as his smile, though i hated that i was in the picture. so i had the girl cloud me out as much as possible!
full-body shot. i have to say that i learned a big lesson. don't make the outfit too complicated!
i just had way too many layers (not to mention the fact that he looks like he's about to go to private school.) next time i'll just sit him down in a onesie! another cute little grin.
and here's a nice collage of all of them put together. now that i learned a thing or two about baby pictures (and now that i know that scott can work it with the camera) i'm sure we'll have many more photo shoots to come!