Tuesday, October 21, 2008

howell's pumkin patch!!!

yesterday scotty boy and i went to the howell's pumkin patch in maddison county with our friends jamie and kaleb bingham.
this is us all on the tractor ride. it took us on about a 1/2 mile ride to and from the pumkin patch. when we first got there we walked through the corn maze. about ten minutes into it we decided to turn around. because the corn stocks really just looked the same all the way through.
then the boys got to play in the wheel barrow while we picked pumpkins.
scotty loved riding his very own mini tractor.

but he had to ride with mom on the BIG tractor!
we even got to swing in a tractor tire!
and i got to have some fun on my own while scott slept...

we also went to a covered bridge. maybe some of you have heard of the move "bridges of maddison county". well this is one of the bridges of maddison county! we're so famous here in iowa!
it was just an all around great autumn day!


The Thomas Family said...

Hey Nat! looks like fun, we are going to a pumpkin patch this weekend. I'm excited that Benson is finally at the age to enjoy fun things!
I love that picture of you with the pumpkin rack!
Scott is, as usual, looking So cute and snuggly!

Ryan & Amanda said...

That looks so fun!! I love all the pictures, I kept thinking I found my favorite, but there are too many favorites- I love the cutout pictures- both yours and Scotty's.

Mom (Grandy) said...

I loved the music to your slide show...it made me cry with joy!! Scotty is such a lucky little boy to have such awesome parents.

The Finlinson's said...

Hey Natalie,
I don't even know if you will remember this. I am sure that you will. But this is Christine from the sugar house HOUSE with gina and teana and chelsie. I found your blog off of Gina's. I guess I am a blog stalker in a way. I just like to see who I might know and it turns out to be you. Any way, How are things. I love the pumpkin path. I swear everything like that is so much better out closer to the east coast. Hope things are going well. Your little one is adorable.