Wednesday, January 18, 2012


okay, i'm in hyper-blogging mode now because i'm pretty sure sara's going to take her first steps here in a few days and i want to be all caught up so i can blog about it!

november was an exciting month because that's when we went to the Fabulous Food Festival! One of James' favorite past times is watching the food network chanel which i love because he tries all the new recipes he learns about on me. :) 
there were all sorts of famous food guys there that i had seen on james' shows.  our tickets came with seats to see one of the shows so i went to guy fiery (i'm sure i botched his name) and james saw michael symons.
there were a million venders with food samples so we walked around all morning trying out the free food.  here are scott and james taking an apple tasting test.
and here's a picture of Guy.
November is also the month when we finally cut scott's hair.  it was growing a little out of control. 
our mall had a big familiy day for the opening of the food court so we went and they had this robot guy for kids to take pictures with.
my favorite part was when i originally told scott to go stand by the robot i looked up from my camera and saw this...
 he was so enamored by the robot that he walked up and gave him a big hug. how cute is that kid?

scott and sara's favorite past time is playing in sara's crib.  sara loves it because having her brother by her is her favorite time of life and i love it because scott entertains her for a while after she wakes up giving me more time to finish whatever i'm doing.

these kiddos are so fun and love each other so much.  i just love seeing them light up when they're together.
for thanksgiving we went to columbus and had dinner with bryan and annie.  sadly enough the turkey turned out not to be done all the way through when we were ready to eat so bryan cooked it on the grill outside.  it was seriously the best turkey i've ever had.  i know bryan thought i was just being nice every time i said that, but i promise bryan... it really was amazing.  and should be our new family tradition.
the kids waited very patiently for the turkey to be ready.
after dinner the kids played dress-up.  scott and audrey were doctors.  they had to make sure that none of us were going to die from the uncooked turkey.  (just kidding bryan.)
and i loved walking out on the back deck and seeing julia and scott in front of their fake fire pit.  i think scott was a little disappointed that there weren't any flames. 
here's cute annie with our newest member of the family... Lilly Palmer.
the day after thanksgiving was time to get ready for christmas.  we set up the tree and scott and james did a great job of straightening out the fake branches after they sat in a box all year.
then our sweet neighbor sharon came over for some left over thanksgiving dinner. 

we feel so lucky to be living here in cleveland by family and new friends and all the super famous food guys. it was a great month!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Late Halloween

i'm not sure what happened over the past couple months but one day it was halloween and the next it was christmas and suddenly we're in 2012! Time is flying and i'm way behind on blogging. But here are the October pictures and more are to follow shortly.

scott was batman for halloween this year (and he's still batman today if anyone's asking).  he was very fierce.
p.s. yes, that is a duct tape bat belt made by yours truly.
we were out of town this year for halloween so scott couldn't actually go trick or treating.  but seeing this face during our ward trunk-or-treat party was enough for me.
and here's a shot of sara on the big night.  she was a fairy/butterfly/bat girl princess. 
the halloween festivites continued with our pumpkin carving night with mitchell jones and fam. 

mine (the one on the left) is winking in case you were wondering.
we also headed to our ymca halloween bash.  scott's batman costume was dirty so he was a (thrown together very quickly at the very last minute) super soccer player.  he took the roll very seriously.
scott and i tried to do a lot of non-halloween fall activities as well.  we've been trying to use sara's morning nap as a time that we do projects together.  for this particular project we collected sticks outside...
and pinecones too...
and made a very cool stick house with a milk carton and superglue.  (scott was very proud.)

and that was our very exciting october.  stay tuned for november!