Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lesson Learned

don't write a post announcing to the entire blog world that you are pregnant the day BEFORE the appointment where you're supposed to hear the heartbeat. because sometimes things don't always work out the way you hope. and then you have to write awkward blog posts like this one. :)
in other words, i'm not pregnant anymore and even though it was a very sad and rough week for our family we are moving on and excited for what is in store.
thanks to everyone for all your love and support.

Monday, February 15, 2010


there's a good chance that the main reason for my two month vacation from blogging was the fact that for the past two months i've been experiencing the first trimester of my 2nd pregnancy! Yep! that's right! i'm pregnant again! he/she is due august 27th!

back from a 2 month blogging vacation

there's really no reason for my two month blogging hiatus... i guess i just needed a break. the whole uploading pictures/figuring out what to say/and releasing it to the blogger world thing just got too overhelming for me for a while. but i'm officially back.
and since i uploaded my pictures from present to past you will get the last two months in reverse order. here are the highlights...

we've been up to all sorts of fun everyday activities like-
giving scott a haircut - in the bathroom sink.
having sunday dinners with the jones's and the callahan.

puddle jumping.

even against scott's will...

pulling a new carton of eggs off the counter when mom turned her back for a nano-second.

wearing bowls on our heads.
learning a new trick...

going to the science center with the palizzi's.

seeing a real live snake for the very first time.

and having way too much time in the water.

back in december over the christmas break we went to utah to visit family.
scott and his cousin allie had a lot of fun discovering everything they could about each other.
like their bellybuttons.

their big cheeks

and just each other's company.

they were best buddies.

up in draper with the keyser side of the family we did some service projects...
and frosted cookies.

we even got to see our good friends the maugers.

but most of all scott loved hanging out with his grandma's

(this picture was taken just before we left for the airport... at 4am!)
thanks for the great christmas vacation everyone!