Monday, February 15, 2010

back from a 2 month blogging vacation

there's really no reason for my two month blogging hiatus... i guess i just needed a break. the whole uploading pictures/figuring out what to say/and releasing it to the blogger world thing just got too overhelming for me for a while. but i'm officially back.
and since i uploaded my pictures from present to past you will get the last two months in reverse order. here are the highlights...

we've been up to all sorts of fun everyday activities like-
giving scott a haircut - in the bathroom sink.
having sunday dinners with the jones's and the callahan.

puddle jumping.

even against scott's will...

pulling a new carton of eggs off the counter when mom turned her back for a nano-second.

wearing bowls on our heads.
learning a new trick...

going to the science center with the palizzi's.

seeing a real live snake for the very first time.

and having way too much time in the water.

back in december over the christmas break we went to utah to visit family.
scott and his cousin allie had a lot of fun discovering everything they could about each other.
like their bellybuttons.

their big cheeks

and just each other's company.

they were best buddies.

up in draper with the keyser side of the family we did some service projects...
and frosted cookies.

we even got to see our good friends the maugers.

but most of all scott loved hanging out with his grandma's

(this picture was taken just before we left for the airport... at 4am!)
thanks for the great christmas vacation everyone!


Ryan & Amanda said...

It was soo fun to have you guys out and hang out!! I'm so glad Alli and Scott have so much fun together. I'm sorry to see the eggs-no fun to clean up multiple broken eggs!

Annie said...

That sledding video made me laugh so so hard. Maybe because we sent Audrey down the hill in the exact same way with a similar reaction. Scott's wailing while going down...priceless. SO funny.

BJ+Anne+Brody said...

I don't feel great about seeing Scott with all kinds of new friends, but I guess I will have to take my punishment for being away for a month. Everyone knows that he wouldn't rather be with Brody...
Also- Brody heard his sled cry from the other room and got SO excited to come watch. See you soon! Can't wait for these boys to reunite

Melanie said...

Scott is growing up! Can't believe how big he is. Loved the videos and photos.