Thursday, October 22, 2009

lovely autumn

things are starting to get a bit frigid here in iowa so scott and i have made sure to get out on some field trips together before everything freezes over. on monday we headed up to saylorville lake to go sight seeing and walking.

scotty loved tromping around in the leaves.

this is one of my favorite little shots of him. sometimes when he wakes up from his nap he is so sad that he just can't let go of his cuddly blanket for at least a couple hours. so here he is in the leaves with his comfort item.
after a good hour or two of driving scott and i finally figured out how to get down to the water. scott was in heaven.looks like all those times of watching me do 'yoga on the beach' tapes really paid off.
i have to take a moment out to say that while its mom that does all the planning and the execution of the planning... none of it could be done if scott wasn't such a stellar little back-seat-driver.
next. on tuesday we went to howell's pumpkin patch! we love this place because not only does it have all sorts of fun stuff for us to do, but the drive out there is beautiful.
here's our little man in front of a whole lot of pumpkins.

this was so funny to me because scott just wanted to play with this little "goat food" machine but all the goats thought he was going to feed them so they were up against the fence paying oodles of attention to scott without him even knowing why.

i really was worried at one point that this big ugly one was going to eat him.

i tried getting scott to feed the goats, but he was a little intimidated. rightfully so.

it took a while for scott and i to get the timing right on the tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch. but we finally made it.

this is the pumpkin we picked. perfect right?
and here's another shot that i loved. its so classic of scott. standing in the middle of a field of pumpkins and all he wants to do is get that darn hat off.

i loved sitting next to scott on the ride back to the farm and seeing him holding tight to his pumpkin. it was a prized possession.

and here we are. the two amigos. while the third amigo is studying his brains out at school.
thanks dad.


Annie said...

That little Scott could not be cuter. I really hope that next year while our husbands are busy studying and working we can hit all the awesome fall activities here TOGETHER. Wouldn't that be so great!? Now make it happen.

Ryan & Amanda said...

That looks so fun, I love that he had to crunch all the leaves! Man I would be soo jealous if you could go do all the fall stuff together-guess I'd have to come join you and Annie!

waukeelittles said...

great pics. We headed down to Howell's in Sept and it was alot of fun!!

Mandy said...

What a cute Mom you are taking Scott on all those fun adventures! I love the pumpkin you both picked out!

Mimi said...

Too cute! I feel like we are missing out on him - please, please visit!

Melanie said...

He is growing up to be so handsome!

Kira said...

Scott is just too cute! I love all the fall pictures! I would love to reunionize too!
We are now living in Oklahoma but are too planning on visiting Utah in December. We should see if everyone is there at the same time for a lunch or dinner date. I'd love to see you!

Anne and BJ said...

Dear Scott, I miss you terribly. I can hardly find the will to go on. Please don't make a new bff while I'm away.

Jaime said...

We just returned from the pumpkin patch and I couldn't believe that the problem was finding one SMALL enough for Ashtyn. She kept saying, "no mommy, that is much, much too big" when it was about the size of her head is all.
And those poor dads--studying their brains out. Miss our official visits every month... ;)

MACK said...

I am jealous! I have tried to get out with Marie to a pumpkin patch and she is either not feeling great or the weather is awful...looks like you guys had fun!

Christia said...

So fun! If you go on any more fun field trips, let the Palizzis know :)

Hinton Family said...

Scott is getting so big!!! And so stinkin cute! you guys going home for christmas? We will be there so please let us know if you will be around!