Thursday, November 5, 2009

super scott!!

this halloween scott decided he wanted to be superman (ok, i decided.. but its pretty much the same thing) and even though it was too cold to take him trick-or-treating he had PLENTY of opportunities to wear his costume.

first we went to a halloween party with a bunch of our friends in the club house.
scott especially enjoyed the food.
there were a ton of kids there! and there's a good shot of his cape.
james had three tests the week of halloween so scott and i tried getting out of the house a bit so he could study. here we are at the "night eyes at the zoo". only, we went during the day.

my favorite part about this picture is that it looks like his cape is stuck in his underpants. the original costume came with boring red pants. but i spiced it up a bit with blue pants and red underpants on top. it was the best thing ever to watch him walk around in big boy underpants.

here's our poor awkward kid trying to negotiate the slide.

but i was so proud of him when he acutally climbed up this big latter thing all by himself!

look how high it is? he really might be superman!
right after the zoo we all went out to dinner with our friends to texas roadhouse. scott was the life of the party in his costume.

then there was ANOTHER halloween party at james' school. this is a picture of scott and his dad and his adopted uncles ryan and devin. he seriously loves those guys.

then a very exciting thing happened. the fun really began when my mom came to visit!!!
so we took her to a pumpkin patch. this is all of us on a tractor ride (we wanted her to see the real side of iowa.)
you may have noticed that scott rarely looks at the camera for pictures and even more rarely smiles when the camera is in view. i'm hoping its just a phase but in the mean time i'll have LOTS of memories of this anti-camera phase of his.

here are more goats. scott loves the goats. there are so many goats in iowa. who would have thought?

this place was extra cool though because we could actually go IN to the goat pen.
i love this picture of scott running away from this goat. look how scary it looks!!
and of course... live footage.

halloween night featured a talent show/party at our church. i'm in the young women program now and we put on a skit for the talent show. here we all are (L-R Rebecca, Michelle, Kathy, Becky, Isabel, Megan, Amelia, Kassie, Me) i'm not in costume because i was just in charge of the music... which was a much harder job than you might think!
scott even did a talent (after everyone was gone)

and these next couple things don't have to do with halloween but i really did walk in the kitchen one day to find scott doing this:

(i'm just glad he felt the need to pull everything out of the cupboards before sweeping the floor.)

and this is a fun video of scott and brody. brody is out of town for a whole month and we miss him so much! come home brody! and bring your parents with you!


Ryan & Amanda said...

Oh I love his costume! I am especially glad you substituted the red pants for the blues with the red unders on top!

BJ+Anne+Brody said...

Scott looks bigger already and it hurts my little heart. I miss the crap out of you guys!!! he was so cute as superman. good work

Annie said...

We just met Brody. It's ironic that I have seen Brody and have not met cute little Scott. Hopefully that can be remedied soon. He sure looked cute for Halloween. Hope you had a good one.

Christia said...

Awww man his costume is super cute! :) I love the undies!

C Keyser, MS, CPC said...

Wow, your pictures brought back a flood of wonderful memories with the Palmer family. Thanks for letting me share Halloween with you in Iowa--I had a spooktacular time trying to keep up with that cute little Scotty! And, I loved your yummy meals and the ride through "sleepy hollow" in Madison County. Love, mom