Tuesday, March 25, 2008

is this heaven?

(click on the title)

my new favorite picture of our future.

Monday, March 17, 2008

dr. palmer

on march 13, 2008 james' life long dedication and hard work finally paid off when he was officially accepted to medical school at Des Moines University in Iowa! yes, its true... if all goes as planned the palmers will become iowan's this august. aside from my threatening phobia of tornados, we couldn't be more excited. james has spent approximately 22 hours in iowa and i have yet to grace the great state of corn fields, but we are sure that it will be a grand adventure.
here are some pics of our future stomping grounds.

this is james' future med school where he'll learn to be the best doctor in the world.

here's a corn field. james and i are excited for long walks through the corn fields and old fashioned country dinners of beef and corn on the cob.

i can secretly picture james looking like this when he's not in his white lab coat and latex gloves.

i'm excited to finally meet these people in person. the woman is probably our relief society president! and he's just got to be the organist.

and last but not least... the ever-popular "field of dreams" takes place in our beloved iowa. though i read somewhere that it was actually filmed in boston or some cornless city like that.

Monday, March 3, 2008

my first baby shower ever...

this past saturday i was given a baby shower by my old locker partners, marta and allie. it was such a hit and i'm just positive that more people came because of marta's cute invitations than because of me.
i actually stole these pictures from marta's blog that describes the shower with so much more eloquence... its almost poetic. but i thought i'd copy some of my most favorite pictures that she took and post them here too. (i hope that's ok mart)
(first photo above: allie, marta, me)

marta and allie served delicious quich and warm cinnamon rolls along with fruit and cookies. it was all so delicious.

my favorite part was marta's subtle little touches. i didn't discover the cute jelly beans and baby fact cards until the end, but once i did i filled my mouth full of the yummy tasting treats.
anyway, big thanks to allie and marta. it was truly a baby bash! there were girls in attendance that have influenced every stage of my life (including my mom... who has influenced all of my stages of life)
list of attendees:
marta [halverson] dansie
allie holtkamp
mom [christine keyser]
mary irene [homer] allen
kira [steadman] bingham
katie [macfarlane] wolfert
jenny [osborne] bullock
chelsie [choles] brady
maresa madsen
tanya tapp
ashleigh [mee]
jenn henry
alysia rathbun
michelle paskett
vivian smith
and in answer to those who are surprised that i'm still so close to my high school locker partners.... all i can say is, some friendships are just meant to last.