Friday, May 30, 2008

scott james palmer slide show

happy birthday baby scott!!!

this memorial day - monday, may 26, 2008 little scott james palmer was born into our family making our little duo a trio. after a few days of recuperating from delivering a 9 pound 7 oz kid, i am finally ready to share our bundle of joy with the world!

here is a picture of scott and i as soon as we met. it was love at first sight...

this is scott with his cute daddy. james was the most amazing support to the two of us throughout the whole process. and he still is. scott doesn't know how lucky he is to have him as a dad .

here's a close up shot of scott at age 4 1/2 days old. his daddy and i love to just sit and watch his many face expressions. he is so content and fun to love. we couldn't have asked for a better baby.

and of course, we have to honor grandy who was with us through it all. and as we're living with her currently... she is still with us through it all and making life so much easier!!

baby scott's measurements:

weight: 9 pounds 7 ounces

length: 21 1/2 inches

hair: dark blonde and lots of it!

nose: a little smooshed but cute as could be (its been said that he has my flaring nostrils)

eyes: still just the beautiful new born dark. our favorite is when he goes cross eyed.

ears: sort of large. but not disproportionate to the rest of his large and in charge body.

feet: so big they didn't fit in the little footprint box!! (but is anyone really that surprised that james and i would have a child with large feet??)

family & friends who have come to meet baby scott:

-in chronilogical order-

grandy keyser

kim and ellie ferguson

jason and christie palmer

julianna barney, randi ruff, diane weeks

jenn and jeff mauger

georgie lewis

jake, sinikka and mijah lee

grandma palmer

craig, bridger and dallin ferguson