Tuesday, August 24, 2010

never bored!

life in ohio has really started to get exciting now that we actually know where things are. it turns out that cleveland has a TON to do and it is really nearly impossible to ever get bored.
james is doing his rotations now days so scott and i have had to figure out how to entertain ourselves without him.
scott LOVES water so we try to hit up any type of FREE H2O whenever we can. the beach on lake erie is one of our favorite. and how can we not go as often as we can when we live so close to it!?

when daddy is around we try to do fun stuff with him as well. this is our FHE last week at the local swimming pool.
and of course we had to hit up the county fair. i'm not going to lie, it paled in comparison to the iowa state fair, but there was this juggler guy that juggled chain saws and rode on his tall bike while juggling fire that scott was absolutely mesmerized by.

scott's getting slightly easier at restaurants these days but we have a goal to (as much as possible) only go to local restaurants that are only in cleveland. so far we've had some delicious local italian, mexican and the best gyro i've ever had!

scott is finally starting to make some friends. this is his cute friend thomas. scott gets a little confused when i tell him that thomas is coming over though. he tends to run around saying, "Train!" (as in thomas the train...)
one of our favorite findings in cleveland is the emerald necklace. the emerald necklace consists of a bunch of reservations or metro parks in the area that have walking paths, play grounds, lakes and nature centers in the middle of vast forests of trees. this is a picture of scott last saturday when we went to the nature center at rocky river reservation.

and of course we still have hours of down time at home where scott gets to run around in his underwear and superman pajamas and play with his animals! (he's not supposed to play with them on the lap top but i came in from the kitchen this morning and found them ALL lined up where? on the lap top. and what do i do? encourage him by taking a picture. i'm a great mom.)

another random tid bit about scot these days is that he really really loves mom's crocks. like he LOVES them and wants to walk from the house to the car with them every chance he gets and then he likes to wear them in the car and then he gets mad when he can't wear them all day. i forgot they were in the car one day and i opened the door to find that he had somehow reached them and put them on his feet. it was hilarious. you had to be there...

okay, i know i have a lot of scott pics but these are his new pajamas that grandy keyser sent him in the mail the other day. they are his "airplane" pajamas and he can't get enough of them. thanks grandy!
another clip of him in his pj's. he's too cute.

and last but definitely not least it was mine and james' 4 year wedding aniversary last week and james brought me home not 1, not a dozen, not even 2 dozen but 25 red roses! kind of a random number but i loved them!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

grandma came to visit!

the best part about living far away is having family come to visit. james' mom "grandma palmer" came to visit us last week and we had a blast!

scott LOVED having a pal to hang out with while driving around. grandma palmer knew just how to entertain him. in this particular instance she used scott's socks to make hand puppets. he thought it was the coolest.

one night we took grandma to Friendly's to get icecream. does scott look happy to anyone else? just a little.

another day we took a ferry boat ride out to Kelley's Island.

we rented a golf cart and explored the island for a couple hours.

then we had lunch at the beach.

here's a picture of us in front of the island (not sure what position i'm trying to pull there.)

it got kind of hot so we poured water on scott's head. i loved his wild hair.

one of scott's favorite things was when grandma took us all to see Toy Story 3. This was scott's first time going to see a movie in a real live movie theater. grandma bought him popcorn and candy and a drink. he was in seventh heaven. and mom and dad were so proud of him for sitting quietly through the whole movie (almost).

on friday night we went down to columbus to hang out with the bryan and annie fam. we slept over friday night and grandma was a hit with story time.

the next day we went to the columbus zoo (which annie boasts as the best zoo in the USA) it really was a very cool zoo.
the baby elephant...
scott LOVES his uncle bryan.
we were so sad when we had to leave. these little kiddlings are so cute together.

thanks for coming to visit grandma palmer! can't wait until next time!