Thursday, November 29, 2007

now we're really going places...

yes, it's true. james and i have finally purchased our first new car together. i have to say, i got a little emotional when we were selling our honda. it was in that car that we had our first date (james accidentally parked in the driveway of the house next to cute) we were in that car when i accidentally told him i loved him. long story, but true. we were in that car when we decided to get married and when we decided to start a family...
but now we get to actually drive our family around in this 2008 hyundai sonata which i must say is oh so nice.
and i'm so excited for this to be the car that we drive home our first new little baby in. and the car that drives us to the med school that james will eventually get into. so as you can see, this car has a lot of exciting things to look forward to.

Friday, November 16, 2007

mystery dinner

halloween is well over. but this classic (and sadly fuzzy) picture just had to be posted for all to see. we had a halloween party at "the white house" in which james and i (dressed as George W and Laura Bush - on the left) invited Forrest Gump (kim), Billy Idol (jeff), Paris Hilton (misty), Dolly Parton (kelly), Indiana Jones (steph), Hillary Clinton (mom), and Rocky Balboa (dad) over for a mystery dinner. it was an absolute success and a night to remember.

p.s. Donald Trump and Elaine Bennis (mike and mimi) were sadly out of town for the event. and Queen Elizabeth (grandma) fell ill.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

i don't know how this happened. but i can't delete it.

spring cleaning

you know that feeling when you finally clean up a room or a closet that you've been wanting to clean for so long? and then you finally do and you throw away stuff that you think you'll never use again. you even throw away things that you've always thought you might need some day but you're proving your sense of maturity by getting rid of it anyway?

and have you ever gone back to that closet a month later, desperately looking for that thing that you need? that thing you haven't needed for five years but that very thing that you know in your gut you finally threw away?

well that happened to me. today. only it wasn't a closet i was cleaning up, it was my documents folder on my computer. and i didn't cautiously delete this particulare file. i did it on accident. and i just realized which file i accidentally deleted about seven minutes ago when i tried uploading a picture onto my blog.

yes, you guessed it. i accidentally erased my pictures file. this might be the happiest and saddest day ever.

or maybe, just maybe, this is symbolic of a new life that has begun since our little doctors visit this morning.

i prefer to think of it that way.

thumpity thump thump

today is a beautiful day. today james and i made the two minute drive up to the university of utah hospital where for the first time ever we were able to listen to our tiny little baby. for those of you who may not know, i am 12 and a half weeks pregnant and today we heard our little one's heart beat. it was so very fast and james' eyes got big when he heard it and he said, "he's an active little guy!" no, we don't know whether or not its a boy or girl yet...

so there's the news! we're really excited and we'll continue to let you know how things go along.