Wednesday, April 2, 2008

bubbles and bunnies

easter came a bit earlier this year than my biological clock was ready for.... hence the easter posting now - as opposed to a week and a half ago when it actually happened. its just so seldom that i have actual pictures of james and i and our family! with the disfunctioning-ness of our camera, i've had to settle with illustrations found on google (how did i live before google?). but i was able to get some pictures from my more organized sister so that i can show the world what a "keyser family" easter is really like. (i still need to get pictures from the "palmer family" easter events - stay tuned)

grandy (my mom) started the festivities off with a fun easter game for the grandkids which, of course, included a story time about the true meaning of easter.

then we all went over to the park where the kids went on an easter egg hunt! (james and i got to help hide the eggs)

the adults just mingled...

and blew bubbles (we hid a few extra bubbles for ourselves)

this was a bigger accomplishment than you would think.

thanks to everyone (especially grandy) for such a great easter!


KB Morgan Fam said...

Nice bubble! Thanks for the quip about being organized, when we both know it was just lucky!

Mom Keyser said...

Thanks for the wonderful memories of such a beautiful day. I love Easter and I love, love, love celebrating it with my wonderful children and grandchildren!