Sunday, June 22, 2008

the end and the beginning...

okay, so i need to take a few steps back in time right now. with the baby being born and all the fun happenings that accompanied it, i missed posting pictures of james' graduation. and since its such a huge accomplishment, i just couldn't let it pass us by. (my one regret about this posting is that i don't have a full body shot of james in his gown... he decided to save us some money by wearing my mom's graduation gown. not only was it the wrong color but the sleeves went to his elbows and the gown went to his knees. it was hilarious!)

anyhoo, james graduated on may 1, 2008 from the University of Utah with a BS in exercise and sports science with an emphasis in physiology and minors in chemistry and nutrition. he was a busy, busy boy.

and while this phase of our life is ending (what will the U be like without us??) a whole new chapter of our life is beginning! though, i can't help but reflect on the past couple years and feel truly blessed that james and i both decided as 18 year old teenagers that the U was the school for us (james, because he got a better scholarship here than at other schools and me because this was pretty much the only place i could get in to :) )

it was on the U's campus that james and i had our first conversation. he told me he wanted to be a pediatrician someday and i said, "aw, cute!" and pretty much knew i was going to marry him.

it was on the U's campus that we had our first date. we ate at the Pie and went to a free movie at the Union Building... again, james trying to save money. :) another sure sign that i wanted to marry him.

it was on the U's campus that james first sent me flowers (a lily pot... "because lily pots don't just die after a few days.") - and you wonder how we got engaged so quickly??

it was on the U's campus where we drove together every morning before sunrise and left together everyday after the sun had set.

it was on the U's campus that we ate lunch together every day between his classes and my work schedule (i worked in the U's purchasing department).

it was even on the U's campus where our little scott was born (at the University Hospital)

and it was finally on the U's campus where james graduated, so that we can move on to bigger and better adventures in the great state of iowa!

amanda, patricia, james, phil, allie, and me, and scott...still in my tummy. (my mom is taking the picture) if you look closely you can see that james' gown is blue. the rest of them were black.

now onto the more present photos. here are a few more recent pictures of scott. when he first got home from the hospital we had to lay him in the sun a bit because of his jaudice. the kid looked so happy and relaxed laying in the sunshine... we just had to capture the moment.

and if this isn't the cutest picture ever, i don't know what is.



rb said...

Such cute pictures and so many exciting things!

Andrea said...

Natalie- don't you love blog stalkers? Jim sent me your link and I just found it in my e-mail- anyway your little Scott is a doll! I'm excited to read about your goings on in Iowa. I hope you're doing well!!

Abi said...

Cute little baby! You must be so happy! James looks like a natural!

Yancey Family said...

I just read your entire BLOG! I have been missing out! I am so proud of you and James. What a beautiful baby boy Scott is! I am so excited for your Iowa adventure too. I know that you will have much success there. I hope that I get to see you at least once before you move. We are coming down this weekend if that will work ;) Love ya! Adrienne