Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Iowa State Fair... this deserves to be capatilized.

for those of you who don't know just how famous the iowa state fair is... let me tell you, it is. and its held right here in our little des moines. the fair is big time and the food there is almost always on a stick! james and i both enjoyed delicious corndogs for a buck each. and since the iowa state fair isn't around everyday we decided we needed to indulge in yet another deep fried treat - funnel cake - which is "essentially a giant frenchfry covered in sugar."
we went to the fair with a bunch of other dmu students and their wives as pictured below.
L-R me, james and scotty; shalise and devin kearns; jamie, adam and their son caleb; allison and doug.

here's a cutie-pa-tutie picture of james and scotty. scott decided that he didn't love the iowa state fair. maybe next year.

here's a close-up of scott not loving the fair.

and here's a picture of him finally falling asleep. and the party begins!

okay, i just had to get proof of this. deep fried twinkies? how do they expect us to live past the age of forty!?
you know you're in iowa when...

you're staring at a 1,250 pound hog. poor thing couldn't even stand up for the picture.
and this wasn't even taken on the day of the fair. but seriously, have you seen a cuter little boy in your life?


ryanandamanda said...

He is so cute. I agree he is a very cute baby boy! It looks like a lot of fun, and I am wondering did you decide to indulge in the fried twinkie?

KB Morgan Fam said...

Give that little guy lots of kisses from us!! And quite frankly, I behave similarly when at the fair -- not my favorite place, but I'm glad you had fun!

Hinton Family said...

Wow Scott is getting big. I love the pics. I just had to laugh at all your deep fried things and then the fatest pig I have ever seen. It looks like you guys are having fun without us. We miss you.

Mimi said...

Scott gets more and more adorable - I just wished he lived next door so we could see him!
At the rodeo here - they don't just have deep fried twinkies, they have deep fried OREOs too! Never tried one but I don't think I am missing much. BTW, Brett hated the rodeo this year too.

Mom Keyser said...

Okay, just send little Scott home to Grandy when he gets cranky...I'll give him lots of attention. What a cutie; thanks for the darling updates.