Wednesday, April 29, 2009

fun with bff brody

brody jones is one of scott's most favorite friends to play with. amazingly they were even born on the exact same day! they both love playing on the activity table.they both hate being locked out of the kitchen by the gate.they both love it when we come back to the gate to get them.and they are both so photogenic!

here's brody with my glasses on. he was grabbing at them all night so i finally indulged him.

and here's our cute little guy.

even though scott may be growing a little faster in height, brody leaves scott in his dust when it comes to crawling. this is hilarious:

and it has to be said that these blog posts take 3 times as long to do now that scott has discovered the power button on our computer...


Anne and BJ said...

I love it!

Ryan & Amanda said...

I love that! Such cute pictures!