Tuesday, May 26, 2009

to scotty on your first birthday

to: our little scotty, snotty, scooter manooter, scott pot, skunker, bubba and tooter

our dear little scotty
today you turned one
the past year flew by
it was quite the dry run.

to think that its been
365 days
since you were in my belly
wiggling in all sorts of ways

we went to the hospital
with hopes you'd come out
when the time finally cameit was love, there's no doubt.

your first weeks of life

were the best of the best
full of kisses

and loves

and much needed rest.

true, there were times
when life wasn't so rosy

you got pretty mad
when you didn't feel cozy

we made lots of mistakes
we seemed like the worst.
but thats what you get
when you are born first

then something strange happened
cuz after a while
you started to grow
you started to smile.
and what did we find?

but this cute little boy
was not only precious
but totally coy!

you became so much more
than our sweet little son you're our buddy
our pal

our bundle of fun

and now twelve months later

life never is boring

you're eating

and teething

and always exploring

you're your daddy's favorite buddy
and your mommy's best friend

we love you even more
than we can comprehend.

happy birthday scott.
love, mom and dad


Ryan & Amanda said...

I LOVE that poem! So cute! Good job with the rhyming, I am not creative so I am very impressed! Isn't it so true how they become your favorite little friends!

Ryan & Amanda said...

Oh and the deleted comment was my first answer to Annie about how pictures were coming, but I was in the wrong window thing so I thought it would mess it up so I deleted it. I always wonder what was deleted too!

KB Morgan Fam said...

Soooo Cute!! Josh was very impressed and can't wait until "his friend" comes to play!!

jaredandgina said...

Such a cute birthday tribute! How is life in Iowa and med school. I can't believe you guys are just beginning! Residency is tough! Hope you are well!

Mimi said...

Ok, too cute! What a fun tribute to Scottie the Memorial Day baby. And I don't think you can go over the top for your kiddos. Wish we were seeing you this summer - but baby "dude" is keeping us a bit grounded. Feel free to hop a plane though! :)

Anne and BJ said...

ps- did the streamers at Brody's party inspire your 80's playlist??

Anne and BJ said...

ps- did the streamers at Brody's party inspire your 80's playlist??

marta said...

pretty much the cutest tribute ever. cannot believe this baby is already one. what a lovebug. i love seeing his sweet face. missing you!!

Annie said...

So sweet. Happy Birthday Scotty! Can you believe how fast the year goes by. They grow too quickly.

Ashley Webb said...

That was so cute! Happy birthday little guy!!

Jaime said...

AHHH! so fun. I loved that little journey you took us on. :)

Christia said...

Oh man NAtalie! That is soooooooooo sweet! <3 Happy birthday Scott!

waukeelittles said...

beautifully put!! Happy B-day Scott!!

sara and ryan said...

He is so dang cute!! I hope he and Lucy can be little buds one day. Miss you!

Lynda said...

Hey James, Natalie, and Scotty,
Just read your blog and it is so much fun!
I love your birthday card to Scott. It was nice of you to share it with all of us.
Laura is turning seventeen in a week and a bit and I can't believe she is so grown up and beginning to take life in stride and make her mark. She has written a 180 page children's book and is on a sequel (about 80 pages). She is writing lyrics and melodies for songs and is so full of life.
My heart is so full as I see you guys loving each other and growing together. Raising children is the best time I have ever had and I think I would love to just stay a mom at this phase raising little ones forever.