Sunday, June 13, 2010

he's officially 2!

i feel so terrible that i didn't make a post about scott's second birthday that was almost a month ago! but we got his 2 year pictures the other day so here is the official post a bit late...
my good friend christia palizzi was nice enough to take the pictures for me last week. i think they turned out SO cute! christia had her two little boys there with us and scott was in heaven running around the playground with them. i love that these pictures are all so natural of what he really and truly looks like day to day when he's running around and playing like his cute little self.

this one is funny because as we were leaving there were some boys playing frizbee-golf (frolf) and scott stole one of their frisbees. this is scott's classic face when i'm telling him to "give it back" and he really really doesn't want to.

even though james has been studying like crazy for his board exams (that are in just over a week!) we have found a little time to have some final iowa moments before the big move. last week we went to the iowa cubs baseball game. (okay, we actually left at the beginning of the first inning because it started pouring rain) but we were there long enough to have a hot dog and popcorn and listen to the national anthem and get the general idea of the experience. it was a lot of fun! another fun thing is the local swimming pool. we went there with our friends shalise and brooklynn kearns - brooklynn was the only one lucky enough (or calm enough) to get her picture taken.

and just a couple days ago we went to Blank Park Zoo with our friends Stephanie and Jack. We even rode the train (though Scott was a slightly bothered that he couldn't DRIVE the train.)

you can't see it too well but these boys are covered in water and dirt. scott likes the zoo but he LOVES the zoo when he has a buddy along.

and naturally he had to give the giant penguin a five before we left. because what would the zoo be without a giant penguin?


Ryan & Amanda said...

Those pictures are adorable!!! I love his cute little "I don't want to do that mom" face, and seriously what fun is it to ride the train, it's much better to drive it right? :)

BJ+Anne+Brody said...

those pictures brought out many emotions from this Jones...
1-sadness because I need Scott in my life
2-pure joy because they are adorable
3-guilt because i haven't taken Brody's 2yr old pictures yet

I can't believe James takes boards in a week. GOOD LUCK and congrats on getting those behind you. and kudos on the beard mountain man

miss you

Christia said...

Scott is such a cute kid. Seriously, my boys, Gabe especially, is going to miss "Gott" so much! <3

C Keyser, MS, CPC said...

Omigosh, I miss you guys sooo much. Scotty boy is so cute, can't wait to see you all in Oct. mom