Tuesday, September 7, 2010

love those 70's

70 degrees fahrenheit that is. now that its not scorching hot outside scott and i have been able to get out and do some fun things during the day. i thought this picture was hilarious. we shared a piece of pizza from a little kiosk in the middle of our outdoor mall. i coudln't believe that it was bigger than his face! (scott was obviously stoked about it.)
we've been spending some more time on our lawn outside our house. i like to lay on the blanket while scott runs around and plays. but he usually ends up tackling me before too long. we also found this really cool splash pad that a friend told us about. i know i post a lot of pictures of scott at splash pads but if you could see how happy this kid is when he's running around in the splashing water you would take a lot of pictures too.
and (drum roll please) scott has made ANOTHER friend!!! This is his friend Mitchell. They are almost the same age and they play so well together. His family invited us all to go to the zoo with them on Labor Day and we had a blast.

this is us with the mitch and his mom and dad (nick and sarah).
and this is just a fun pic of scott and mitch sticking their heads through our staircase when they came over for dinner the other day. this is crystal and derek. they are some other friends we've been hanging out with lately. they took us to this cool beach at Wallace Lake. we feel lucky to know such great people.

and last but DEFINITELY not least. here is our cute little boy reciting his abc's. you may think i'm bragging but for any of you who know scott and how he is slightly behind in talking you will be very impressed.


Ryan & Amanda said...

Love that cute smile! That pizza looks delicious, kinda made me hungry! The ABCs are impressive, I love his moving around while he's saying them and his excitement!!

bj+anne+brody+macie said...

enough said.
stupid germs

bj+anne+brody+macie said...

ok that wasn't very nice.
1-I love the fact that Scott is sporting the tuffy tooth. it is fabulous.
2-splash pads are a gift from the heavens.
3-i hate the we weren't there on labor day with you.
4-you need to call your friend Anne...

Annie said...

That Scott could not be any cuter. We need to see you guys very soon.

The Thomas Family said...

Natalie! Scott is so so so SO cute. I'm glad you're enjoying life and meeting cool people to hang out with! ;) love you!