Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time Out For Women -- Cincinnati, OH

This past weekend was incredible!  Full of laughs, tears and spirtual upliftment.  I'm still recuperating from the late night girl-talk and the rollercoaster of emotions!  I went to Time Out for Women with these cute girls in my ward (R-L: Shanna Olmsted, Katie Kirkham, Laura Pettersen, Lisa Ybarra, Lindsay Weston).  Thanks to Laura I have all these great pics of our time there.
We were uplifted with amazing music.  Here we are with the girls of Mercy River.  I wanted a picture with Michael Mclean but i was too shy. :)
And outstanding speakers.  This is cute Mariama.  We all loved her and her heart wrentching stories.
But best of all I loved bonding with my fellow sisters.  We got to know each other so well and I truly grew to love these girls more and more with each passing hour.  It was such a great weekend!

I also wanted to post some pictures of our little sara with her new teeth.  they are finally big enough to capture in a photo so here you go.

scott wanted in on the picture action as well. 
When I came downstairs this morning from putting sara down for a nap I found these boys cooking together in the kitchen.

James has a slower rotation this week so he's been home a lot more. It has been so nice to have him around now that his board exams are over.  Now his residency interviews begin!  He has the first one this Friday and another fifteen (plus) over the next three months!

Scott's favorite part of cooking...
And another random pic of sara because I love this hat and i love her so much.  she's such a cuddly little bear.


Elise said...

Time out for women sounds amazing.
I love Sarah's little teethies!
Good luck with interview season approaching.

Cassie and Mitch said...

I wanted to go to that soooooo bad! No one in our ward was going and I was too chicken to go by myself! Maybe next year! Glad you enjoyed it! Good luck with interviews!

bj+anne+brody+macie said...

When will you be in CBUS? we need more palmer in our lives

Ryan & Amanda said...

TOFW sounds so amazing everytime I hear about it! Someday I definitely will go! I love Sara's little teeth and her outfit, and I really love Scott's action pose! I am excited to hear how the interviews go and I am especially hoping the ones closer this direction :) go well!!

Kimi said...

I'm sad I couldn't go with you guys; I feel like I missed out on a total bonding trip :( I'm SO glad you could go, though. I went with Katie in 2007 and it was wonderful; I totally understand the emotional overload of TOFW. It's so great to do.

I love Sarah's beautiful smile oh so much! And Scott is one masterful poser for pictures :)