Thursday, January 24, 2008

butler bruin 11 year reunion - ikea cafeteria

i got this picture from allie (red shirt) and i know that its posted on a few other blogs, but i couldn't let the chance pass for me to say that this was one reunion that was truly good.
i noticed that the whole time i was in the presence of these long lost voice was higher. and i talked like i talked in ninth grade. and i got excited about things that i got excited about in herr otto's german class. and i laughed so hard that my cheeks hurt. and i was suddenly interested in the lives of people who's names i haven't heard since yearbook signing day. the point is, for one magical afternoon i became fifteen again. and though i wouldn't change my current life for anything in the world, it was so nice to know that this teenage, carefree, loud laughing, high talking girl still exists. somewhere. even if she only makes herself present in the ikea cafeteria.
(l-r: mary irene, kyle, allie, marta, me - looking pregnant as ever, lisi, melissa)


allison said...

yes! voices louder and higher and giddier. so fun.

The Thomas Family said...

You look great, Nat!!!

maryirene allen said...

ditto to what allison said. it was so great to see you! fun to find friends from long ago and somehow it that time seems to fade away. look forward to seeing you soon!