Tuesday, February 5, 2008

in memory of President Hinckley

james makes fun of me because i always say that President Hinckley and I are amazingly alike. laugh if you will but its true. here, see for yourself (and if you're lucky enough you may even find that you too share some similarities with this remarkable man):

top ten reasons president hinckley and i are alike...

1- both born in utah

2- we both served a mission to england

3- his first assignment was to Accrington, England. Accrington was in my frist area.

4- President Hinckley is famous for his time in Hyde Park, London. I am famous for my time in Hyde, Manchester (and i'm sure there's a hyde park somewhere in that town).

5- we both graduated from the university of utah

6- we both majored in english

7- we both wanted to be journalists though i got confused and ended up as a buyer in the purchasing department.

8- we both married extremely well.

9- he has five children. i've always wanted five children.

10- he's LDS. and so am i.

its ok, you can admit it. i am basically his twin. but the truth of the matter remains, that i am a completely insignificant person compared to him. he lived his life in a manner that i could only hope to come close to someday. and i am so grateful to him for leading a life so full of love and hard work that has inspired me to live better. and hopefully someday, even though i won't be as well known as he is (and mike wallace probably won't want to interview me) i'll still be able to look back on my life with satisfaction, knowing that i didn't hold anything back. because if anyone can say that...he can.


KYLe said...

reason number 7 takes the cake on comedy... true nata.

The Thomas Family said...

That's fabulous, Nat! You are hilarious.

Linda said...

so excited to link to you through sarah's blog!! and now i know why every time I see or hear hinkley's words I think of you...thanks for clearing that up!