Sunday, September 21, 2008

so many new things...

it's been such a very long time since i've posted and so many things have happened. here's a little list of some of the fun things we've been up to.

on september 13 james had his "White Coat Ceremony". The best part was that his mom came to stay with us for the weekend!

here we all are after the ceremony. doesn't james look handsome in his coat?

and here's scott with his grandma palmer.

later that day we all went on a nice walk.

and then we saw this really scary turtle.

apparently he's a "snapper" turtle because he snarled like a dragon and almost bit off more than one of our extremities. i wanted a picture with him because he was such a freaky turtle.

james (the more loving one) wanted to save the freaky turtles life.

scotty had so much fun with his grandma palmer.

we can't wait for her to come visit again.

since we last wrote on this blog, scott has decided to make leaps and bounds in his abilities.
here are a few of scott's new tricks:

you have no idea how big of a deal this is. usually when we lay him on his tummy he
burrows his face into the blanket and yells until we pick him up.

scott was a bit skeptical about his first time on the bouncy chair. but he got the hang of it.

scott has found that he can hold onto things. which means a lot of new things are getting sucked on.

but more than anything scott LOVES sucking on his fingers. this has brought on a whole new challenge when it comes to putting clothes on him. its like playing tug-a-war to get his fingers out of his mouth so we can put a shirt on him!

and scott is getting so much better at sitting up! take a look:

but sometimes the best tricks are the old tricks.
like sleeping...

last week we had a few cold days so we had to snuggle scott up real tight when we took him outside. you think he's cute in summer clothes? you aint seen nothing yet...

i'll let the pictures do the explaining.

but luckily summer isn't completely over. this past weekend the temperatures got back up in the 80's so scott and i went to a fun park with some friends. we walked on the beach in our bare feet.

and scott even got to swing on a real swing!

we can't wait for the new week to begin to see what fun adventures we can have!
we'll keep you posted...


Annie said...

Look at that cute scott! Sitting up already, strong kid. We wish we could see him in person. Congrats on the white coat.

Mimi said...

Scott looks like he is loving the swing (sarcasm). You better watch out for those snapping turtles - we had them in Indiana and they will bite off your finger so I would suggest staying clear of them. Also - where is the beach in Iowa? Glad you are finding fun things to do and congrats James on the White Coat.

Mom Keyser said...

What a cute family. I loved the little red riding hood cap. You're having way too much fun---even Dr. Spook!

KB Morgan Fam said...

Awesome pics & videos! Wish we could be there in person to enjoy the moments with you!

Annie said...

So what you do is go into customize. They have a new feature called "blog list." You have to retype all of your blogs, but if they are public, it can show when it was last updated and what the post title is. I just wanted it to list when the blog was last updated. It's totally cool. If you have any problems let me know.

Jen Coccimiglio said...

natalie...he is adorable! really, he is the cutest little guy and i love how much fun you are having with him. first, you were an amazing receptionist. then, a world-class buyer. now, you are world's best mom. doesn't it just boggle your mind how much purchasing prepared you for motherhood? or not.

still, my blog is private now (i know, i'm a snob) and i don't have your email to add to my list. send me a line at

i love you, babe!

Hinton Family said...

I LOVE SEEING ALL THE NEW THINGS SCOTT IS DOING! I am sure you loved having Grandma there. Help and company are the greatest.

suds2004 said...

I found your blog when I was looking at Jamie's. What a cute family you have. It sounds like you have enjoyed Iowa so far with little Scott.


maryirene allen said...

he's so adorable! i can't believe how big he is already. how are you? iowa? awesome!!!

Jaynann said...

What a handsom family you have. It's fun to watch Scotty grow. Nattely, I can remember when you were little and I've watched you grow to be a beautiful wife and mother. I enjoy seeing your blog!