Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Z is for Zoo.

for all of you out there who thought iowa just had farm animals...
well, you were wrong.
we're pretty much living in a mini-africa.

the truth is i took scotty on his very
first zoo outing today. our friend christia and her sons julian & gabriel took us as their free friends on their seasons pass. unfortunately james had to go to school today, but we tried to have as much fun as we could without him. we saw all sorts of animals! there were giraffes,

and scott's favorite animal was the wallaby (that you can see there in the grass behind him)
probably the most annoying and equally funny part of our zoo experience was the fly that absolutely would not leave scott alone. it kept landing on the poor kids nose! it was so cute though, that i just had to get a picture.

this is christia and julian

as you can tell, scott was having a rip-roarin time.
post-zoo piling in the car. we had three happy (and tired) campers.
when we got home i decided i needed to take a picture of scott's whole outfit. he is sporting his brand new Iowa Hawkeyes outfit and his cute Van's shoes that one of grandy's friends gave him. and of course he's laying on the very cute blanket that his aunts steph and kim made him. he's just such a loved and happy little boy.
oh, and since all the other pictures were of animals more often found in africa, i decided i needed to bring it all home and get a picture of me milking a good ol' iowan cow. okay, the cow is fake, but the feeling is the same.


Mandy said...

Natalie you are so funny. I love the picture of you milking the cow. I am going to call you tomorrow so we can catch up.

Tyson said...

I think Scott has the "Palmer" confused look down pretty good. He reminds me of James when he gets stumped. Loved the fly picture- priceless! Hope you guys are enjoying Iowa!

Mom Keyser said...

Thank you for sharing the darling, darling pictures. My little grandson is growing up way too fast. Can't wait to give him a big squeeze in October. I loved those cute smiles.

KB Morgan Fam said...

Okay -- so now that we know you have a zoo -- we're definitely itching to come see you!!

Kira said...

Hey Natalie! I can't believe you are already in Iowa. Scott is so cute!!! We will have to get together whenever you are in town, I'd love to meet Scott!

Jason, Lindsay, and Brooklyn said...

It looks like your having a grand ol' time in Iowa. Scott is adorable! The fly picture is the absolute best; it cracked me up! Sure do love and miss you.

ryanandamanda said...

He is soo cute, and he is getting so big! We miss you guys!

Alex said...

I love your hair short. It looks cute. And Scott is just yummy! :-) Glad you are settling in. Wish we didn't have an ocean separating us - we'd have so much fun on play dates! ;-) x

Hinton Family said...

It looks like you have made some great friends. I am glad you are settling in. It makes me miss you guys. I was secretly hoping you missed us too much and came back to Utah! :)

marta said...

oh my goodness. that li'l boy is getting so big and so darling. i'm glad you're sharing photos.. i love it! i hope our boys can meet up someday soon.

glad you're enjoying the life in IOWA. a kitchen table and everything, man you guys are moving up in the world. congrats. i love it when those li'l things mean so much. you'll always remember this time in life. soak it up. xoxo.

Michael Brady said...

im a fan of your baby. good job.