Thursday, January 15, 2009

three's company

our little boy just keeps getting so much more fun ... and exciting!
his rolling has gone from a new talent to a serious means of transportation. and it's throwing james and i for a loop! (he only rolled off the couch twice though, and we didn't find any serious side effects) he's also gotten two more teeth (his upper front teeth) so he can bite our fingers that much harder. his pediatrician suggested that we don't let him bite us. thanks doc.
scott is also learning to help with the chores around the house. he's learning to work that thumb and index finger and is picking all sorts of stuff off the floor. and he LoVeS going for rides in the laundry basket!
he's also getting so smart! on tuesday i was playing with a xylophone and showing him how to pound on it. the next thing i know, he's making music of his own! i swear that's gotta be advanced for a 7 month old! and check it out - just the other day i caught him reading! or maybe he was just eating the pages, but either way, he's a smart cookie!
my favorite thing when i was little was to build forts out of blankets. i have always planned on someday building blanket forts with my kids. well scott was having a bad day of teething a little while ago so i decided that blanket fort building was going to start a little earlier than i had anticipated. and it worked like a charm! scott was in seventh heaven rolling around in the fort.
here's a shot of all three of us wedged in the blanket fort. everything is more fun when daddy's around.
here is a cute video of scott in the fort. though i have to warn you that i - for some unknown reason - was using my ridiculously high pitched mickey mouse voice when i was filming this. so you may want to turn the volume down!


Ryan & Amanda said...

The fort idea is great! Sounds way fun. Scott looks so cute and grown up in the laundry basket!

Elise said...

How cute. What a fun idea to make a fort. He'll probably always love it. He is getting so big and learning so much! He's so adorable.

Devin & Shalise said...

Seriously... I love Scotty!! He is so stinkin cute, I could just squeeze him! We can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

Mimi said...

He is sooo cute! I am very behind in my blogging so my pics of he and Brett probably will take almost a month to pop up - I need to email you some. Seriously, they LOVED each other.

Annie said...

He's getting so big so fast. I wish we could see him!

C Keyser, MS, CPC said...

Scotty has such a fun mommy and daddy, what a lucky little boy! I loved the video clip of him squirming around in his first little fort. Wow, he will be crawling in a month, and possibly walking by his one-year-old birthday in March???? or was it May :-)hee hee. Hope you guys are staying comfy and cozy during these cold wintry days. Much love, mom

maryirene allen said...

how cute! what a fun idea. this is such a fun age. you all look so happy.