Saturday, March 28, 2009

the big 10!

some of you may remember me posting this growth chart of scott back in august. well in honor of his ten month birthday (that was actually a few days ago) i am reposting those pictures with the newest one so you can all see just how HUGE he is getting.

scott at a few weeks old:

scott at a few months old:

and scott at 10 months old! (we pulled out the old boppy for the picture)

top 10 reasons we love our scotty boy:

10. he works so hard to crawl like all of his friends his age but that big belly of his is just so hard to get off the carpet.

9. he has recently learned how to scream like a girl.

8. he is learning so quickly to walk around the living room while holding onto our couches and the lap of anyone who happens to be sitting on them (even complete strangers).

7. his hair grows three times as fast on the top of his head as the sides creating many opportunities for awesome mohawks!

6. he is sleeping 12 hours a night pretty regularly now (and i'm totally jinxing myself by writing it)

5. even though he can't quite crawl he does a fabulous army crawl and he looks so cute while doing it.

4. he loves (and i mean LOVES) looking at himself in the mirror that is hanging on the backseat of the car. the mirror's purpose is to help me see him in the rearview mirror while i'm driving but every time i put him in his car seat he smiles and laughs at himself as soon as he sees his reflection. it was by far the best $15 i have ever spent!

3. his favorite thing to do these days is click his tongue. if you click your tongue at him first he'll look at you with excitement and start clicking back. its sort of our alien-style way of communicating with each other.

2. he is also fascinated with hitting the wall when we walk up the stairs. we can hardly make a trip up them without him reaching his hand out to it and bopping up and down with excitement.

1. he has had an ear infection that has lasted for over 2 months. he's currently on his third antibiotic and while he's not afraid to let us know he is in pain, he is still so fun to be with. i'm always amazed that after a long tiring day when james and i have finally put him down to sleep for the night i actually start to miss him.


Ryan & Amanda said...

Yay! I can't believe how big he is, but I love his big smiles in the boppy pictures and what fun things he is doing-for some reason the bopping the wall going up/down the stairs reminds me of James-not sure why though. Too bad we can't live closer so we can get together more, we miss you guys!

Annie said...

That was such a fun list. I feel like I know him a little more now! Can you believe our babies are almost a year old?! I bet that Scotty is walking before he crawls. Oh and talk about slacker. Your birthday was what, two weeks ago? We are losers. Happy Birthday very late. I hope it was a great day.

the binghams said...

happy 10 months scotty boy! what a cute way to celebrate.

C Keyser, MS, CPC said...

Happy 10 months to all of you. What fun pictures and captions---yes, he is a darling, darling growing boy!! Can't wait to give him Grandy's big squeeeeeze :) I loved the song too. Good job, Natalie and James! Have a happy Sabbath and happy birthday celebration this week for James. Love you, Mom K.

Melanie said...

He is so cute!

Annie said...

Are you kidding!? You living in Ohio would be the best. Seriously, we are so excited that you guys want to. We would have so much fun! I can only imagine all the fun times we are going to have. Bryan and I have talked about it often.