Wednesday, March 25, 2009

spring break in nauvoo, illinois

this spring break james and i were planning on taking a big trip to orlando, florida. but eventually we remembered how poor we are and decided to make the three hour road trip to nauvoo, illinois instead!
we had a lot of fun walking ALL over the place looking at (what seemed like an endless supply of) little old pioneer houses and shops and chatting with all the cute little elderly missionary couples.
i just loved the nauvoo temple! it was one of the most beautiful buildings i've ever been in - ever.
there weren't a lot of people in nauvoo this time of year so i had to prop our camera up on a statue to get a shot of us all in front of the temple. don't you think it turned out unbelievably well?? i was impressed with my propping skills.
we also made it out to carthage jail. (we didn't want to leave out the cute little elderly missionaries that have to serve out there by themselves.) i'm glad that we went. it was a really neat experience seeing the place that Joseph Smith gave his life for the gospel.
this is a picture of james, scott and i in the room where the martyrdom took place.
we were only in nauvoo for a couple days though so we had a lot of time to hang out and spend time together at home. i thought this image was hilarious of james trying to lug around our humongous child in this tiny little baby carrier. the kid isn't even ten months old yet and he's wearing size 2T !!! (but are we surprised?)

and the moral of the story is: even poor med students can have a fun spring break. (though, i'm not going to lie... orlanda would have been REALLY fun!) maybe next year - or the year 2018.


Ryan & Amanda said...

I have been waiting to see the pictures of your trip. It looks fun and we are for sure starting to save up for Orlando!

Jaime said...

Hey, we went to Nauvoo over spring break too!! It was a lot colder than Orlando, sorry you guys had to miss out on that though... :)