Thursday, July 23, 2009

dumb & dumber

that sounds just about right for how i felt about myself yesterday. it was the first day back to school for james and i think i forgot how to be a mom on my own during the day because i did a lot of really dumb things and i have pictures to prove it! (just in case any of you out there were convinced that i was perfect. ha!)

first thing in the morning after i got scott and me all ready to leave for the ymca i realized that my set of keys was locked in the car! and james had taken his to school with him! arg! (i wouldn't feel quite so dumb if that was the first time it had happened.) i had to call roadside assistance and luckily they came out and unlocked it for me at no charge. i don't have a picture of this incident but i do have a picture of scott that my friend christia took of him a few days ago - and i'm pretty sure this was the exact face he made when he realized we couldn't get into the car.

a few hours later we came home and scott decided to play on the stairs. i knew he was on the first or second step so i didn't worry too much about him. when all of a sudden he came tumbling down and nailed his head on the stroller that was by our door. (the ironic part is that the stroller wouldn't have been there if i didn't have to take scott on a walk while waiting for the locksmith to come open the car door!)

he was a tough little guy but it did bleed a bit so i put a band aid on it. i don't usually let him chew on my flip flops but he had just undergone a traumatic experience so i let it go this once. (disgusting i know)

only a few hours later i was making dinner. i've been on this super lame diet the past couple days where i have to eat these super lame meals made up of super disgusting tasteless food. the point being that i had to make three separate meals for me, james and scott and the kitchen became a bit hectic (to put it lightly). in the end a glass lid fell on the floor and shattered into a million tiny pieces. one of the few not-so-tiny pieces got literally wedged into my foot. i felt brave as i dug it out with my fingernails. but i wasn't so brave when blood gushed out of the open wound.
luckily james was home to doctor me up and keep scott out of the glass and clean it all up. here i am recovering on the couch (recovering from the glass but mostly from the whole day). if you look REALLY closely you can see the pea sized meal sitting on my stomach.

and here's a picture of the battle ground.

thank goodness that day is over!


Ryan & Amanda said...

Oh I am sorry! I have felt like that lately so maybe I can be Dumberer! Today was that day for me-I woke up to go teach spin and somehow forgot my shoes- yeah seriously I don't know how that's possible, but I got there and went to put my shoes on in the car and realized I had no shoes. So I taught the most painful class of my life in my socks! I guess it serves me right. Then I was doing some fruit stuff and Alli pushed a bowl off the counter (by pushing the empty cookie sheet that was in front of her-really I thought I had made the kitchen safe) and it shattered into a thousand tiny pieces so she is standing on her stool while I clean it up and you would think I learned my lesson, but she was getting upset that I was doing something other than give her attention so she pushed the cookie sheet again and pushed the rest of the berries in the container off the counter onto the floor. So I am with you in the "forgot how to be a mom" club, but sadly I don't have an excuse! Hope it gets better from here for you! Sorry for the long comment!

maryirene said...

whoa. what a crazy day! i'm so sorry. i'm glad that day is over too. sometimes when it rains it really does pour.

Anne and BJ said...

Ditch the magic puke water