Thursday, July 30, 2009

growing up is hard to do

this blog is dedicated to scott's grandmas who live so very far away and can't watch him every second like james and i can. we want to share all the fun things that he's learning and doing and the bumps and bruises that go along with it.

i decided to let scott try using a fork this week. let's just say he hasn't quite caught on to the concept. (it was disastrous) but what do you expect?

i think he started getting a bit bothered that he had mac n' cheese all over him.
then he just wanted to get out of his high chair.
then he got really REALLY mad because i was still taking pictures of him.
here's some footage of the feeding.

a new thing about scott is that he loves sitting in chairs all by himself.
and even more than that he loves being a big boy and sitting on the couch all by himself next to mom and dad.this pictures a bit blurry but you can see the little bumps and scrapes on his face (as well as the major milk mustache) the one on his forehead is from falling off the curb. the one on his cheek is from a friend. (he forgave the friend quickly though.) and the swollen eye (that is kind of hard to see) is from scott tripping in his crib. growing up really is hard to do.
a few more note-worthy things about scott:

every time we go to get him from his crib he prepares himself to be picked up by choosing which blanket he wants to bring with him. he almost always chooses the humongous red one that weighs a million pounds.

he is starting to understand words now so when we say "peek-a-boo" he covers his eyes with his hands. when i say "let's go" he walks business-like to the door (and he gets really bothered with i have to run back to the kitchen to grab something). when we ask him if he wants "more?" he nods very serious like. when we say teasingly, "i'm going to get you!" he turns and runs away while squealing. and when we say "kisses" he comes at us with very serious eyes and a wide open mouth. it melts my heart.

we have a little playground about twenty yards away from our front door. as soon as scott walks out our door (which, by the way, i love that he can just walk out to the car on his own now) he darts STRAIGHT for the playground as fast as he can. he just loves that thing.

he loves running water. while most kids (so i hear) hate it when water splashes on their face, scott gets the biggest kick out of it. "he's a big dumb animal folks" but he's always been that way. even when he was an infant he didn't mind it when i washed the shampoo of his head. and now whenever i turn the bath water on he jumps out of my arms and sticks his whole face in the flowing water. he loves it!

oh! scott had his first poopy in the potty a couple days ago! ok, i know what you're thinking... its a bit early. but it was quite on accident. he was actually running around my bedroom stark naked the other day while i was getting ready. well a couple minutes had passed when i started hearing water splatering on the carpet (you would really think i'd learn) yes, he was peeing. i ran over to him and happened to notice that a little number two was making its way out. so i sat the kid on the toilet (he looked so cute!) and the rest is history! i'm so proud of him! :)


C Keyser, MS, CPC said...

It was so fun reading your Scotty blog. I love, love, love watching Scotty grow! Scotty's parents have a lot of patience---hmmmm,I wonder if they'll have any patience left for their other children?? Scotty is learning fast what gets your attention--potty training will do it! Thanks for sharing--can't wait to see you all at Christmastime. Love, Grandy

Ryan & Amanda said...

I love those pictures!! It makes me miss you guys because Alli does so many of the same things, and it totally melts my heart! It is funny that Scotty pooped in the toilet because last week I realized that since Alli always squats to do her thing that maybe she'd do it on the toiled so we tried twice and it worked both times, but since then I've slacked. o/well

Sarah D said...

It sounds like you have a real stud on your hands! He is super cute! Could you send little Scott over to my house so he can explain to Reagan how we go poopy on the potty? She is struggling with that one. Thanks.

Elise said...

How fun! I loved learning more about little Scott. He is so cute. I love the pictures of him getting perturbed with the noodles on him. I especially love the order of the sadness/madness as the pictures go on. That's about how picture taking goes around here when Mylee's not in the mood!

Christia said...

SO cute! :) He'll be a fork eating pro in no time!