Saturday, September 5, 2009

what we've been up to...

now that we've lived in iowa for a whole year we are finally able to kick back and act like real country folks. my first step to achieving country folk status was to participate in the waukee parade. waukee is a tiny little town just down the road from us. we are technically in west des moines but i work in waukee, all our doctors are in waukee and the bowling alley is in waukee! so we felt like we belonged.
scott and i walked with all of my ymca co-workers. pictured here are a lot of the nice girls that scott gets to play with every morning when i'm working in the child watch or exercising in the gym.
james was supposed to come watch us but the parade route was so short (we were done in about ten minutes - 15 max) so he barely missed us (even though he tried so hard... bless his heart). but scott and i had fun anyway, throwing tootsie rolls at peole in the crowds and picking dum dums off the street for scott to eat. it was a good time.
another exciting thing we've done lately is taking a day trip to clark tower with our friends anne and brody jones. i pretty much had to use all my manipulative skills to get anne to go with me but if you ask her about it i'm sure she'll tell you it was the best time of her life.
here's a shot of the boys making the climb to the top. scott had to stop for a minute and check out his hand though. but they eventually made's anne helping brody up. we were so glad they scott and i are at the half way point. (i secretly love this picture)scott loved looking out the windows at the trees. (thanks to anne for taking this shot - and pretty much all the higher quality pictures you see on this post)then we had to make it up this steep ladder. (p.s. scott is always resting his hand on brody's head and brody just lets him. it is pretty much the cutest thing you've ever seen.)here we are at the top! though we stayed up here for about a nano-second since it is very much NOT child proof.

as alwasy here is a video of the live footage. pictures are cute but they just don't catch the dialogue. and let me tell you... anne is hilarious.


Anne and BJ said...

good post- way cute. pass that picture of me and Brody my way. we really did have fun.
Also- one of my favorite things about you is that you always give the play-by-play on your videos. LOVE it

KB Morgan Fam said...

Not quite the Fatherland, but very cool! I love the hand pic!

Elise said...

Adorable pictures!! I love the one of Scott resting his hand on Brody's face. What cute little friends. So, I hope I'm going to start seeing you every monday from now on!!!!

Ryan & Amanda said...

I like the picture you secretly love of you and Scott, it's really cute of both of you!