Sunday, August 23, 2009

iowa state fair x2

the iowa state fair was just in town and james, scotty boy and i got to go twice! the first time we just went with the three of us. it was pretty rainy so scott got to wear some of his new rain gear. he looks so old!!!the second time we went with our friends kelly and andy meuting and ryan callahan. scott was so excited to be back at the fair. as soon as we strolled him through the gates he just kept smiling and clapping. it was adorable. as soon as we got there we all took turns going on the rides. me, kelly and ryan went on the gravatron. its the ride that spins you so fast that you literally stick to the walls like a dead fly. i think i sort of look like a dead fly in this picture. then the boys played some games.
i was so proud of james for winning this nice little obama doll for us. (we decided it will make a great white elephant gift someday)
scott had fun in the kids area too. he sort of had a moment of over stimulation where we had to take him away from all the sugar and lights. it helped a lot.
here's a fun little movie of scott walking around the fair. i just can't get over how much i love him.
the best (and worst) part about the fair is there is food EVERYWHERE. there really is no desigated time for dinner because you're just eating the whole time. everything there is either deep fried, on a stick, or dipped in chocolate. ryan was the only one gutsy enough to try the turkey leg on a stick. yummy.

i went for the "dipped in chocolate"

a list of the things we all ate: funnel cakes, deep fried cheese curds, corn dogs, chocolate covered strawberries, turkey leg on a stick, ice cream, extreme tenderloin sandwich, polish dog... i think that's it.

here's a view of the fair.

and here's the gang after a day at the fair. it was seriously a blast! (it's no wonder that rodgers & hammerstein wrote a play about it!)


Ryan & Amanda said...

Scott does look so grown up in his rain gear! I'm glad you got to go-twice, it looks fun! It really is amazing how much you can love your little one isn't it? It just seems to keep growing all the time-even though it sounds corny!

Anne and BJ said...

ah, the fair...even hearing about the food made me a little nauseated. Can you believe how old our boys are?? i don't like it. why do they grow up so fast?

C Keyser, MS, CPC said...

Scotty's the man! He definitely has his parents wrapped around his little finger :) How could anyone resist that cutie. I loved his powerful strut and his contagious smile showing off his full set of baby teeth. Thanks for sharing your fun, fun day at the fair. I loved hearing your voices on the video--it made me feel like I was there with you. You guys rock in Iowa! love, mom k.

The Thomas Family said...

Hey Nat! Looks so beautiful there, with the sun set, etc. We are excited for our state fair. But Claire now feels like she has to ride everything, too. It really is amazing how quickly they grow up. How's year #2 going so far??