Monday, August 10, 2009


my dad always used to say "nothing in life comes for free."
but i realized last weekend that my dad must have never lived in iowa.
it was the adel corn festival in which we were served endless amounts of free corn.
and it was the best darn corn we've ever hard to boot!we met up with our good friends christia and barry.
good friends.
good corn.
good times.i just love it when my little buddy snuggles up in my lap.
it makes all the extra baby flab so worth it.i made james stand in front of these people so i could pretend to be taking a picture of him when i was really sneaking a shot of them eating their corn. they are just so classic. and you just know these three (probably husband, wife and brother) have been going to the adel corn festival since they were born. i can imagine them sitting on those exact same steps sixty years ago.


Mimi said...

Love the corn eaters picture - really that is is classic! Glad you got some free and yummy corn! We miss you - come to Houston to visit sometime - PLEASE!

Ryan & Amanda said...

I love the end pic, and who wouldn't love free delicious corn?! that's great!

Anne and BJ said...

are you kidding me? like i would let you within 10 feet of my husband (or son) if you were holding clippers. idea?

Annie said...

Nothing better than free corn. We have lots of corn fields out here but never have I gone to a festival to get it for free. We have LOTS of other WONDERFUL things to do out here though so you better be looking to move here. I can't even begin to tell you how much we would love that.

{anyalynn} said...

I need some corn ASAP!!!

Jeff and Shaina said...

You crack me up! I wish they passed out free fresh grown food here... except here the main local crop is Walla Walla onions... I don't love onions like I love corn on the cob