Thursday, August 13, 2009

what does a cow say?

james and i were inspired by a recent blog post by our sister-in-law annie with a video of her daughter - audrey (that is only a couple weeks older than scott) making animal sounds when asked. up to this point we have had little to no luck with teaching scott animal sounds. but because of audrey's success we persevered and this was the result.

we are truly proud parents but it has to be said that he makes the same exact sound whether or not we ask him about a lion, cat, pig, or what have you.
also, we're still working on the whole "m" sound at the beginning of the "moo". maybe someday.

and this is just a funny little video of a typical evening when james gets home from school. (the only atypical part about it is that scott is starting to dance and it is hilarious!)
it is so fun to sit back and watch these two play. i seriously love it.


Ryan & Amanda said...

So cute! I love the dancing!

Annie said...

His moo is awesome! I enjoyed the fact that when James asked him what the cow says he growled at him and went at him with a paddle. Scott is so blonde! He is such a cute little guy.