Tuesday, May 25, 2010

bye bye brody

this is such a sad little post because brody and his mom & dad are moving to columbus ohio in a few days. we will be moving to cleveland (two hours north of columbus) in a month so we'll still be able to see each other. but this may be the last time they'll ever be a 30 second walk away from our front door. so we are trying to get as many shots of them (and us) as we can before they move. this was taken at our last sunday dinner together at ryan callahan's house. they LOVED playing together on his huge bean bag chair.

and here we all are... one last time (sniff): ryan, b.j., brody, anne, james, me & scotton a funnier note - scott and i got to have brody over to play for a while today so i got some footage of scott feeding brody (and himself of course) chocolate pudding.

and this is what brody looked like after the feeding.here's our boys with their "uncle" ryan. we always knew that scott & brody must be related somehow.
these last pictures don't have anything to do with the jones's leaving but they are still cute. this was when scott and i had our own mommy/son beach day at raccoon river park.and this is the day that scott played with two of his other friends (ethan and isaac fursov). they were having so much fun with their trucks in our backyard. and can i just throw the question out of how many apartment complexes do you know of that provide THIS much GRASS in the backyard? we seriously lucked out!
could someone please explain to scott that this isn't a bike?


BJ+Anne+Brody said...

BRUTAL...I love it and I hate it and I can't stand it and I can't get enough of it.
BOOOOOOOOO for separation.
love you guys
email me those please...

Ryan & Amanda said...

Not fun saying bye, but the pics are cute! I think Scott needs some form of a bike when you get to your new place! :)