Wednesday, May 19, 2010

utah trip 2010

scotty got to ride in his own seat on the first flight to utah. he felt like such a big boy.
we got to utah before daddy so we got to hang out and play at grandy keyser's house for a bit. scott LOVED taking baths in her big bathtub.

he was constantly dragging me downstairs to play in the toy room. and once we were in the toy room he would drag me into the tent. he loved cuddling in there and i loved being able to take "play" naps while he rolled around.

for mother's day my sisters and mom and i all went and got massages. can you tell how relaxed we look in this picture?

james flew in a couple days later and we headed down to salem for the main event of the trip. Phil, James' brother, is going on an LDS mission to Tuscan, AZ next month. So the entire family flew out to go through the temple with him. It was so fun to have everyone together. this is a picture of all of james' siblings with his mom and grandpa. he said its been a LONG time since they've all been together like that. (L-R bryan, amanda, grandpa ross, phil, patricia (mom), james, jason)

we were only with the james' family a couple days before he had to head back to school but we made the most of what time we had. phil was such a good uncle to scott. scott seriously LOVES him.i love how audrey is hugging scott and scott is like "where are your pants?" one afternoon we all went to jason's house for a bbq. they have a huge yard with all sorts of animals. scott was in seventh heaven.

he even got to ride a horse with his cousin dustin. but he didn't like it very much so we hurried and got this picture before he started to cry.

and at the end of the day we had to take off scott's muddy shoes and pants and hose him downscott and i stayed for another week after james left. so i got to see a lot of people in utah that i don't usually get to spend time with. i had a game night with my sister steph's family (L-R courtney, steph, kenzie, katie, kelly and josh) and got my trash kicked in a game of Ticket to Ride (that sad part is that i actually thought i was going to win and i came in at a distant THIRD place!)

i also had some time while everyone was at work and school to take scott to the neighborhood that i grew up in. this was the park that i used to play in when i was little. since all the kids were still in school scott and i got to go see a bunch of their recitals and baseball games. i had to get a picture of this... this was the first time scott had even seen my nine year old niece kenzie this trip. and the first thing she did when she saw him was say, "hi scott" and put her hand out for him to hold it. he latched right on and they walked all the way out of the school like this. for anyone who knows scott... that is amazing.

one night my mom took us to the In and Out Burger that has graced Draper, Utah with its presense. I'm always surprised by the lack of choices at that place. but the food is truly delicious.

and of course we went on lots of walks with grandy keyser.

one morning my good friend jenn mauger and her son alexander came and played. they were so cute together.

and another day we drove up to bountiful to meet up with my old work buddies. here's a picture of all our little boys. (L-R scotty, julianna barney's son - owen, and becca morley's son - luke) they all did a really good job of saying "cheese" for the camera.

this was just a shot of scott eating but he lookes so darn cute. and also, he's sitting in the chair that i used to sit in when i was little. love it.

here's a priceless shot of scott playing with my grandma (grandma lola). they were playing catch and my cute grandma was having so much fun with it.

even though james was back in iowa i was able to meet up with his family a couple more times while i was out there. one afternoon we went swimming in Lehi. scott wasn't too thrilled to be OUT of the water.

and another day we all went to the petting zoo at thanksgiving point. (L-R me, scott, patricia, amanda, allie, phil, my mom)

i was amazed but this time scott actually wanted to ride the pony! (probably because he secretly knew that this time it cost money.)
i liked this picture of our moms.

and again... here is scott having so much fun with his uncle phil.

this is a picture that phil took. no one can get him to cheese for the camera like phil can.

f this photo breaks my heart. its of scott waving goodbye to phil. he won't see his favorite uncle for 2 whole years while he's on his mission. we're going to miss you phil!we ended the week with a birthday party for scotty at my sister kim's house.

scott had so much fun on the trampoline with all of his keyser side cousins.

and of course there was cake and ice cream.

thanks everyone for making our trip so fun!!!


Ryan & Amanda said...

It was so much fun to see you guys, Alli is missing having friends here to play with!!

Elise said...

What an amazing trip! Looks like so much FUN! I love all the pics of Scott with his Uncle Phil. I can tell they're life-long buds. I love seeing pictures with those good old MOUNTAINS that I love and miss!

marta said...

such cute photos. i love that li'l blondie of yours. am glad you had a super fun trip with the families. wish i was there to serve up some bread pizza. anyway, i'm glad you got in on some serious mother's day massages. talk about dreamy! and benj loved the shakes at in n' out too. doesn't utah seem so big and fancy metropolitan now?! hope all is going well. must hear about your upcoming booktour. i'm on pins and needles here. xo. p.s. are you going to the high school reunion? can we have one of our own instead?

Mimi said...

I hope you remind that little Scotty that ALL of his Keyser cousins were not there. He actually has some that carry the Keyser name. I know now you are going to have to buy a plane ticket for him - but wouldn't it be nice to come to Houston and visit??

BJ+Anne+Brody said...

that was quite the post. i hate to admit that it makes me a little jealous to see Scott so happy with other kids. that really makes me a dirtball, but it is true. maybe it is because Brody was such a poop while we were in Utah.

maryirene said...

i love this post because i can relate. going home is so much fun isn't it! so many great people to see and so many fun things to do. glad you had a great time. did you say you are moving? good luck!