Monday, January 3, 2011

happy and... new year!

i promise i have a good excuse for not blogging since pre-thanksgiving, never getting my christmas cards out and providing james with the smallest christmas he's ever known...
can i just blame it on being pregnant? 
at any rate, i have a lot of catching up to do!
here we all are the weekend before thanksgiving for the tree lighting ceremony at crocker park. 

there were a TON of people there.  we saw the giant tree light up, lots of fireworks and we stood in line FOREVER to see santa afterwhich scott (of course) wanted nothing to do with him.
this is a video of the tree lighting.  the end is so sad because scott got a bit freaked out by the fireworks.

thanksgiving weekend was extremely chill.  we mostly hung out around the house and just spent time together.  it was SO nice!  we rearranged scott's bedroom in an effort to start getting ready for the baby.  this is james and his little helper putting the changing table together.
james and i made the perfect thanksgiving dinner together.  and what made it even better was that scott was napping while we ate it so we REALLY got to enjoy it!
when scott woke up we fed him some turkey and put up christmas decorations.  he loved helping me with the christmas tree.  and i quickly learned that starting this year all breakable christmas decorations get put at the tippy top of the tree.
this is just a funny and random picture of my little scott man with his plastic puppy.  he really does have days where he has to take this dog everywhere.  i took this picture on our way out of the ymca.  you can be sure that i wasn't the only one there that was entertained by him.

okay, it really was cute enough that you have to see the video too.

early on in december we spent a weekend in columbus. we stayed with our jones buddies and scott was in seventh heaven.  can you tell that he loves this kid?
since we were going to be heading to utah for christmas we had a pre-christmas christmas morning.  scott came down to a brand new "Cars" table (from grandy keyser) with a castle and "guys" to play with (from Santa).  i was a bit worried that the new toys would throw scott off his morning routine (he's very particular about his routine in the morning).  But he LOVED his new table and toys and still (three weeks later) its hard to pull him away from them. 
he even wanted to eat christmas breakfast at the table (and he still eats there whenver we let him.) our iowa friends will be happy to know that all of his "guys" have names.  there's a devin, a ryan, a james and a daddy oh, and one of them is just named bo-boy... brody maybe?  not sure. 
we finally made it out to utah where we had a fun week with all our family.  grandma palmer fed us lots of delicious treats including these cute gingerbread men that she decorated with the kids.
on our way up from salem to draper we stopped in american fork to have lunch with our good friend ryan.  he introduced us to jcw's and i can't believe i've lived in utah my whole life and have never eaten there.  i've been craving it ever since!
i think scott would agree that hanging out with the real ryan was better than just playing with the small plastic guy named ryan.  we tried seeing devin and shalise too but sadly it didn't work out.  hopefully next time!
up in draper we were able to squeeze in some time with our mauger friends.  scott loved hanging with cute alex on the big chair watching scooby doo.
for christmas eve eve my mom treated us all to a fun night at the lion house and temple square.  we had our own room and our own waitress and a ton of delicious food and fun.  thanks mom!
then on christmas eve we got together to exchange gifts, tie blankets for the needy and just talk and have a good time.  my favorite part was chatting with the girls while my mom did our nails. 

then we headed back down to salem for the rest of christmas eve and christmas day. 
scott loves all of his cousins but he and allie have a special bond.  i think it has something to do with the fact that they can barrel each other to the ground and they both think its funny.  allie is one tough cookie.
i had to get a shot of scott at the airport.  even though he's been on way  more airplanes than a two year old should ever have to be on... this was the first time he really got it.  he LOVED watching the planes and getting on the planes and he even sat so well in his very own seat with his very own seatbelt.  he was so cute when the flight attendants would bring around his pretzels and drinks.  he'd set up his table with his snack and his "guys" and he was good to go for a while... which was a huge relief to us!

and this is scott about point 5 seconds after we landed back in cleveland and got in our car.  it was a fun, busy and exhausting week!
since we were back in cleveland for the new year we had bryan and annie up to celebrate with us.  it was really good that they came because i think scott was going through withdrawals being away from all of his cousins.  we're so lucky to have them close by!
unfortunately in rained most of the weekend so we spent most of the time watching movies on the couch...
...and eating! 
big thanks to all of our family for making the holidays so great. 
happy thanksgiving
merry christmas
happy new year!


Ryan & Amanda said...

It was soo much fun having you guys out here!! I love the pic of Scott with his little dog, he is such a fun, cute little boy!! I only wish that we could have been there for the New Years celebration, it would be fun to hang out all together, it looks like it was fun even if it was raining.

Devin & Shalise said...

I am really sad we didn't get to see you guys. Seriously it is insane when we go to Utah. So... Where are the belly pics!!! I need to see your cute baby bump! Have you thought of any names?

Christia said...

Yay! An update! You guys are so cute, and really fun pictures! I can't wait to see your little baby!

Annie said...

I am still recovering from the food coma you put me in. Thanks again you guys for being such great hosts. To be honest a night watching movies, talking and playing a little Scrabble is ideal. It was so much fun. And so yummy!

sarah.jones said...

So glad you guys got to go home for Christmas. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Scott looks so grown up in your pictures!