Tuesday, January 25, 2011

more scott

the days of scott and me hanging out alone together all day are coming to an end as we prepare for baby #2 to become part of our family in the next month.  so i feel like i need to take this time to document every little moment we have together. 

the other day i took the scott man to the zoo.  yes, its winter.  but its open and i have a seasons pass so we made the venture.  and i'm so glad we did.  scott loved being outside running around.  and i loved the fabulous nap he took when we got home!

since we were one of about five other people at the zoo we made friends easily with this other little family that was on our shuttle.  (yes, a heated shuttle takes you around to the different parts of the zoo.  it is so nice.)  scott was in seventh heaven with his new little friends and all the animals. 

i have to say i think i liked the zoo more in the winter than at normal times of the year.  for one, there are a LOT less people.  two, you don't have to walk around in the smoldering heat looking at sad, heat stroked animals.  and three, you kind of feel like you're really out in the wild with all the snow and the dead trees and the icy water and the brisk winter air...  its pretty cool.  (this was a random pic i took to try to capture that "out in the wild" feel.)
this is when i caught scott trying to be a scientist.
i can't get over how cute he is.
so when bryan and annie came for new year's eve they accidentally left one of their daughter's dolls at our house.  well, it has turned out to be such good prepartion for scott's upcoming life change.  he LOVES this little doll.  he helps me dress her and then he puts her in the baby swing and buckles her into the baby carseat and has her sit next to him on the couch (as pictured).  its so adorable.  the only thing i'm nervous about is that he'll think that he can handle the real baby the way he handles the doll (which is often times by the head).  yikes.  i'm doing my best to teach him but i have the feeling i'm going to have to keep an extra close eye on him when the real baby comes along.  (thanks for the temporary learning tool bryan and annie... and whoever it belongs to!)
i usually don't write too much on this blog - its more about the pictures and little blurbs - but i have to say that i've been thinking a lot lately about how everything has turned out.  of course having our miscarriage a year ago was extremely difficult.  but i think about scott and his personality and i think it is a real blessing that he is older when this second little kid is entering our family.  i think he needed to be a little bit more mature to be able to get what was going on and be able to share his parents with his sister.  i'm not expecting the transition to be perfect.  i'm sure we all have a lot to learn.  but it strengthens my testimony of God's plan for all of us and how he knows us better than we know ourselves. 
the trick is... remembering that during our next big trial. :)


Annie said...

We've got plenty of baby dolls here at our house. I am so glad that he has enjoyed it and it now belongs to him. He really is such a sweet little boy. I can't believe how soon this little one will be making it's arrival. I can't wait to see what she looks like!

Ryan & Amanda said...

I am so excited for your little lady to be here!! Scott will be such a great big brother, she is so stinkin' cute!! I have been wanting to venture up to the zoo, I think it sounds like a great time to go-now if I could rig the heated shuttle I think I would be set!

Christia said...

Man this blog makes me miss you! I can't believe you're going to have your baby GIRL so soooon! I need to get my package out in the mail! PS Scott is SO cute. We have a baby too, and it really helped Gabe to prepare.