Sunday, February 13, 2011

book signing surprise!

good news, bad news.
good news: the best people in the world (anne, bj, brody and macie) drove all the way up from columbus to SURPRISE me at my book signing.
bad news: my camera isn't uploading any of my pictures to my computer so i have no way of blogging all my pics AND i have to buy a new camera before the baby comes!!!

luckily anne loaned me some of her pictures of the event.  and even though i'm super hesitant to put these on the net for the world to see (because of that large white moon-looking-thing bulging out of my sweater) i am still thrilled that i can show how much fun we had.

here we are at caribou coffee at the book singing.  those windows surrounding us made sort of a greenhouse/sauna effect and my face was red and my armpits were sweaty but i still had a blast.

here i am with the whole jones crew (and scott... james is taking the picture).  i can't express how flustered and giddy i was upon their arrival.
after the book singing festivities we all went out for icecream at Malley's.  these little boys can't get enough of each other.  they were born on the exact same day and have been best buds ever since.
just look at them digging into their very own ice cream sundae.  (hey scott, leave some for brody!)
and how this guy can eat that humungous sundae all by himself and STILL weigh less than me (he seriously does) is beyond me. maybe his running three miles a day has something to do with it.  or maybe its the extra human growing inside of me.... oh well, i'm not going to over analyze it. :)
it was seriously such a fun day.  and a lot of my other cleveland friends came to the book singing too but again, those pictures are on my camera that is not cooperating right now. 

thanks everyone for coming and supporting me and thanks so much to the jones clan for the perfect surprise!


Emily and Jaime at Everyday Art said...

congrats Natalie! we're so proud. :)

Christia said...

<3!! That is soooo wonderful!

bj+anne+brody+macie said...

love the post---keep me updated on the camera situation...and more importantly the baby situation.
love you guys