Monday, February 21, 2011

out with the old life.. in with the new!!!

tonight is (hopefully) the last night of our life without baby #2! 
we have been anxiously awaiting the day that my mom would get into town to play with scott
during all the upcoming events. 
and she made it! 
we're so happy to have her here and scott is in seventh heaven!

James has been working hard lately with his current surgery rotation.  And his preceptor recently told him to (and i quote) "take off all the time that you need."  
I'm still not sure if "all that time that you need" means a few days or a few hours.
and scotty and i have been spending as much time together as possible.  today he joined me while i gave myself a pedicure.  he was very adamant about me putting nail polish on every single one of his fingers and toes.  (don't tell james.)
i'm supposed to be at the hospital at 5am tomorrow morning!
so if all goes well then the next time i blog you will see pictures of our new little girl!
wish us luck!!!
p.s. thanks a MILLION to anne jones for mailing me her camera.
ours broke last week and without her i wouldn't be able to take or post any pictures of our new baby!


Devin & Shalise said...

OH I'M SO EXCITED!!! I can't wait to here the birth story. And I'm even more excited to see her! Good luck

Cassie and Mitch said...

good luck can't wait to see pics of her!

Kimi said...

I hope everything goes well tomorrow! I can't wait to meet your little girl :)

Hooray for new babies!

(That picture of you and Scott is fantastic :) )

Annie said...

yay yay yay! Good luck tomorrow. We can't wait to hear. And we especially can't wait to meet this little gal in a week or so! I'll be thinking of you all day tomorrow!

Ryan & Amanda said...

Yay I am so excited for you guys! 5 am though-EARLY!! I can't wait to see pictures and I wish we could come visit!

jaredandgina said...

Horray Natalie!! How exciting to bring a new girl into the family!! Good luck with everything!

bj+anne+brody+macie said...

love the shout out! bring on the baby!!!!!!!!!!

Mimi said...

Haven't heard any news yet. I was asking Mike about you and when it was all going to happen last night and he didn't have a clue. At least he knew are having a girl.
Thank goodness for blogs.

Elise said...

So excited for you! Can't wait to see pics of your sweet little girl.

Christia said...

Aww! I can't wait to hear how it all went! Love you!