Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3 weeks and a kick in the head

before my mom left for the airport two and half weeks ago she told me that i had to send her a picture of sara every day so that she could see her grow.  well... every day is a bit much, but i thought i could do every week  (at least for a while).   so this blog post is for you mom! 

these three pictures were actually taken a few days ago.  i thought she looked adorable in this little purple outfit. 

i love her eyes.  when she is wide awake they are so big and dark and beautiful.  and there is something so peaceful and calm about her when she is just sitting there looking around.  she is such a good little girl.
these pictures were taken a couple hours ago.  today is sara's 3 week birthday and i had her two week check-up yesterday (this slacker mom forgot to call the doctor to make the appointment.)  anyway, sara had already grown two more inches (she is now 21 1/2 inches long) and she weighs 9 lbs. 6 oz.  that is almost a pound heavier than her birthweight but still an ounce smaller than scott was when he was BORN. ouch!
scott loves playing with sara on her little play mat.  he is such a good big brother to show her how it all works. 
sadly this picture was taken about ten seconds before scott crawled off the play mat and accidentally kicked sara in the head.  i wasn't sure if i should feel more sorry for my screaming sara or for my quivering lipped, distraught little scott.  he felt so bad but sara was fine in the end and i figure its probably good that she start toughening up now.
happy 3 week birthday sara!


Elise said...

Absolutely darling pictures. I love all of Sara's little outfits. Isn't it so fun dressing a baby? I love it! What sweet siblings. They will be such great friends!

Ryan & Amanda said...

I think the weekly pictures is a fabulous idea, so thanks to your mom for her request! She is such a darling little girl, love the outfit and her sweet little face! And Scott, he is so adorable!! What a cute big brother, hearing about his sadness/concern after kicking her in the head accidentally just makes me want to give him a big hug! Miss you guys!

C Keyser, MS, CPC said...

Thanks, Natalie, for the beautiful pictures. And, happy birthday to you! May all your wishes come true.

Christia said...

Awww! She's sooo sweet! <3 <3 And I hope you're having a wonderful birthday!