Tuesday, March 8, 2011

two weeks old!

i can't believe our little sara girl is already two weeks old.  and i'm happy to announce that she was only up for ONE middle-of-the-night feeding last night!  (can't tell you how nice it was to see the sun coming through the window when she woke up the second time!!)

here's our big little girl having a bath with grandma palmer.
grandma palmer came out last wednesday to help us for a few days.  it was so nice to have her around!
bryan, annie, julia and audrey even made it up to meet their new cousin.  the hotel they were staying in had an indoor pool that was as warm as a bathtub (or so i was told...) so we all headed over there and had a pool party.

since almost all of us have a birthday sometime in the next month or two we had a joint birthday party.  james and i have been looking for an excuse to purchase this gigantic chocolate cake from costco and this was the perfect event!  (for whatever reason the cake looks really tiny in this picture... trust me, it is AnYtHiNg but tiny.)
fun family in town, pool party, birthday cake... what more could a kid ask for?
the next day we all went to the movie theater to see Gnomeo and Juliet.  Unfortunately it was sold out so we went to Rango instead.  It was kind of a weird show but the kids seemed to enjoy it... and so far scott hasn't seemed to have any of the nightmares that i was concerned he would have (or that i would have) from the movie, so thats good.
scott is really such a good big brother.  he LOVES helping wherever he can with sister sara.  he helps me give her a bottle, he helps change her diaper, and he INSISTS on going with me to check on her during her naps.

before taking grandma palmer to the airport we stopped in at Five Guys Burger and Fries since she had never been there before.  it was truly a delicious experience. 
thanks grandma palmer for coming out to visit and help so much! 
we loved having you out here!

and here's the little stinker on the night before her two week birthday (the name "little stinker" isn't completely accurate however, because she is a BIG stinker.  how can such a tiny little girl have so many messy diapers?!)
and naturally i had to get another shot of brother and sister together. 
scott's expression pretty much says it all.
and then i get a photo like this and remember why its all worth it
and why we'll do it again and again...


Sarah D said...

Congratulations Nat! I am so happy for you. She is BEAUTIFUL! I am dieing over her hair! Can you please tell me how you did that? I will try it for the next one!

waukeelittles said...

she is beautiful. glad scott is doing so well with her, love all her hair!

J and C Stubblefield said...

congrats. and I am with you..do it again and again and again! Haha....babies are wonderful blessings and she is a doll!

Ryan & Amanda said...

Love the pictures! I so wish we could have been there to hang out with everyone-I guess in a few months right?? :) Scott is so cute with her, love those pictures! And I am constantly amazed by how much these "little stinkers" can produce... She is such a beautiful little girl, can't wait to meet her!!!

Annie said...

So fun hanging out with you guys. I loved holding that sweet little baby. She really is so beautiful. And you are looking great too Natalie.

Luke and Katie said...

what sweet pictures! she is such a doll...and that picture with sara and scott? does make it worth it! :)

Devin & Shalise said...

I LOVE HER!! She is absolutely adorable you guys! I am so jealous of her hair. Brooklyn was basically bald till she was a year! I hope I get to see her this summer during DMU week. I totally want to snuggle her!

Lindsay Mann said...

What a gorgeous little girl! Congrats, Natalie. I'm so happy for you guys. This makes me even more baby hungry than I already am. Our little girl should arrive in two weeks. Wish we lived close to you. When are you moving to Vegas?:)

Christia said...

Oh Natalie! She's just precious! I'm so happy for you! And Scott is just adorable with her! <3