Sunday, May 22, 2011

3 years and 3 months

this past thursday scott, sara and i went to columbus to visit our buddies brody, macie and anne.  as any avid follower of this blog will know scott and brody have the same birthday so we went down to celebrate.  can you believe these boys are almost THREE!?!?!

here's the fearsome foursome in their matching batman shirts. i wonder if these kids like posing for pictures as much as we like taking them??
here are the boys opening their gifts from each other.  scott gave brody an airplane (that he was a bit jealous of) and brody gave scott the coolest ever lightening mcqueen blanket that he now sleeps with every night.
these boys had so much fun playing in the backyard together...
eating icecream at graeters...
and just chilling with their sippy cups.  i can't believe they are so old!
speaking of old... does anyone else feel like sara was born yesterday?  she's THREE months today and big enough to be on an exersaucer!
macie and sara are already becoming best buddies.  one of my favorite moments was sitting next to anne with our girls on our laps.  they were just watching each other and gabbing and smiling and i know that in a few months they'll be running around together like scott and brody.
on saturday our whole family participated in a walk for cystic fibrosis at our zoo.  scott's cute friend Porter has CF so we wanted to support him. plus we got to walk around and see all the cool animals.  win win win!
here's scott with his little buddy mitchel. i was impressed at how well they stuck their heads through the slots.
frisbees or hats? either way...
watching the mokeys with their dads.
here we are in front of the brand new elephant exhibit.  we have been waiting all year for these elephants to arrive and they did not disappoint.
and here's my little sara girl when i took her back to the car because it was much to hot for her (or me) to be in the sun any longer.
she really is such a little sweetheart.  and i have to say that even though i've loved her from the day she was born i'm really starting to develop a bond with this happy, smiley little girl of ours.  she truly brings sunshine into our home.
and i just thought this last picture was funny because while i was taking it sara was filling her pants.  and by the time i put the camera away we were both covered in brown poop!  how something so stinky can come from someone so sweet is beyond me!


waukeelittles said...

can't believe Scott and Brody are almost 3! Sara is so adorable. love her dark hair!!

Laura said...

Looks like you had some fun!

P.S. You look cute in a hat! :)

Ryan & Amanda said...

Seriously it is crazy how fast time goes by! I can't believe he is so big and Sara is so cute! Gotta love the poop that such a little one can create :). I just want to hold sweet little Sara, kind of makes me cry since I won't see her as soon as I was wanting to :(!

anya said...

Sara is soooo adorable! Love her cute dark hair!

P.S. Love your USU shirt Nata. I have one too. :)

bj+anne+brody+macie said...

I had tears during this lucky are we that we found eachother?????
(thanks for the picture of my visiting teaching person in the background of Scott eating at Graeters...insides jokes flooding my mind. are we being punk'd?)

Christia said...

So crazy that Scott is three! <3 Such cute kids you have! <3