Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Photo Highlights

I can NOT believe its been a month since i've updated this blog.  i have a large collection of photos from the past four weeks because we've done so many fun things.  But i have a lot less time and energy to go through them all and put them all up here so i'm just going to post one photo from each event that highlights the fun.

First of all... May 26th was scott's 3rd birthday.  scott talked about having his birthday party with a spiderman birthday cake all month and he's spent the month of june talking about how he wants to do it again.  the hardest thing about turning three for scott has been learning to say "three" instead of "two" when people ask him how old he is.  he'll memorize the new answer soon enough.
 the next party we had was scott's POTTY PARTY!  i tried following the advice of a book that said to do the potty training all in one day with a party theme and treats and the whole deal.  it worked really well for bodily function #1 but not so much for #2 which scott says, "scares me." 
scott was rewarded by this awesome spiderman mask that he REALLy wanted for learning how to pee in the potty.  and of course he's also sporting his spiderman Big Boy Pants!
 playing baseball with daddy... in daddy's hat.
 on memorial day we had a bbq with our friends derrick and crystal lee at a nearby park.  there are SO many fun parks in cleveland!  we're trying hard to see them all while we're here but i think that might be impossible.
one really huge event was when my sister kim came out to visit!  
 we were so excited to have her and since it was so awesome she gets TWO pictures for the blog.  i tried so hard to take her to places with a "cleveland feel".  i took her to kirtland and chagrin falls and here's a pic of us at edgewater park.  i had never been there so i wanted to try it out.  lets just say its a little too close to the city and the "element" that comes along with it.  kim was pretty disappointed that lake erie was so brown.  i swear its not always like that!
 this is sara at age 3 1/2 months
and here she is a week later (also a week and a half ago.)

scott has really perfected the ultimate CHEESE.
we got sara her very own exersaucer and everytime i put her in it scott is right there with her.  he'll spin her around in her chair until she is looking at the toy that he wants to play with.  its hilarious.
here is yet another exciting adventure to our zoo.  scott kept talking about wanting to ride the train so i was going to give in and pay the $3 for us to go on it.  but then i had a fantastic idea!  the tram is like a train and its free!  scott loved it and of course, so did i.
and this is just an event in and of itself.  scott is petting a boa! yikes!
and with summertime comes the splash pads!  aka... scott's happy place.
i had to add this one in... can't you just feel the warmth of that bench?
and here we are TONIGHT at our local beach...the one i should have taken kim to.  (kim! look at how blue the water is!)  and okay, i know james is thin but this picture makes him look REALLY thin.  so please don't think i'm not cooking him enough food!
and last but not least... here's our little beach angel  she seriously melts my heart.  and an extra special event is that today she turned 4 months old!  solids here we come! (as if she needs them... look at those arm rolls!)


Mimi said...

Too cute! We seem to miss everyone's bday lately. Once our bday week is over, I'll have to send your package. Sarah is a cutie and I love seeing all your pics. MISS YOU! It has been years! Yikes!

Ryan & Amanda said...

Scott playing baseball is seriously my favorite!! And Sara looks so especially sweet in that last picture!! I can't wait to squeeze her, so adorable!!! We are so excited to see you guys!

anya said...

Look how cute Sara is! I love her chunky arms! and... I can't believe Scott is 3! Crazy! Did you guys take that Residency in Utah for a couple weeks this summer???

The Thomas Family said...

Hey Nat! Oh my gosh, I don't read blogs anymore. I can't believe your little Sara--her arms?! SO CUTE! So you're back in the groove doing fun things and managing two kids. I'm still in the "can't do anything" phase. Wish we could see you guys.

Cassie and Mitch said...

So cute! We need to make the short trek up to Cleveland. I would love to hear of the fun things you like to do there!