Sunday, November 2, 2008


here he is... the amazing little bat boy who against popular belief actually loved wearing a mask!
this is the mask that i tried to make him. but it was such cheap material that by the time i wrapped it around his head it literally fell apart in my hands. (you can see the frayed edges in this picture)
but that was okay because he didn't like it much. he would only wear it when he was being fed. and even then he was a little sketchy about it.
that's why i'm the only one with a mask on in this picture at a halloween party for our kids. he screamed and tore it off so i gave up. but i'm all decked out as batwoman as you can see. too bad i was one of the only adults that even dressed up! so much for me wearing black spandex and a cape.
but scott liked my mask more anyway so i got a cute picture of he and james in their masks at our ward halloween party. you've heard of batman and robin. well this is batman and BATBOY!!!

and i had to add this cute picture of james. he made us such an amazing sunday roast dinner today. it was delicious!


Christia said...

Ok, first of all, Barry & I danced to "Luckiest" at our wedding.
Second of all, Scott looks ADORABLE in his batboy mask! :)

Melanie said...

We really missed out on dinner today! Looks Yummy.

Hinton Family said...

I love that you dressed up. I wore a witch hat all day and got so many weird looks. Scott looks adorable. Way to go James. I am very impressed that you cooked...and a roast even. You are a keeper for sure!

Tanelle Lindquist said...

Oh my gosh, you guys are a cute family! I love the costumes, very cute. How are you guys?

Christia said...

Natalie, I love you! You make me laugh, and made my bad day better! Ok so I use formula, and I'm with you! It seems like people totally judge (us) for it, but I doubt they do. And if they do, let them! Nobody knows the whole story, and if they really want to know, I'll tell them!

PS One time at church, when Julian was a baby, I went into the Mother's Room to get warm water, since the bathroom sink kind of grossed me out. There was a mom there nursing, and she said to me, "Why aren't you nursing." So I told her the whole story of why I wasn't nursing Julian. I'm sure it was more than she wanted to know, but don't be a jerk, ya know? There was a funny quote I heard once, it said, "Breastmilk or Formula...who cares? You are going to give your kid french fries some day!"

Inger said...

What adorable pictures! I enjoyed looking at them so much. Batman and Batboy look SO scary!!